Little City Grill

800 North Mantua St.
Kent, OH 44240
Facebook pageLittle City Grill (Kent, OH)3 stars

As restaurants go, often the goal is to make something over-the-top delicious like you can’t find anywhere else. Little City Grill, nestled in Cleveland, Ohio, has seen success doing just the opposite; it’s the kind of place where you go to enjoy meals that remind you at home. A lot of red-blooded American classics make up the heart of the menu, including steaks, barbecue, and a huge array of breakfast foods and specials that keep people coming here early in the morning all the way into the evening.

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The bar and grill has a wide array of American cuisine, including burgers and steaks, salads, fish, and subs. These make up the bulk of the afternoon menu, which seems to be popular with a core crowd of local barflies. What I liked, though, was the ribs. Cleveland has a lot of good cuisine, much of it is the simple Midwestern food taken up a notch. I liked the ribs, they’re tender without being fall-off-the-bone. That’s a common mistake, and in fact if the meat was more tender it would be overcooked. But it’s perfect, and it’s served with a tangy barbecue sauce that reminds me somewhat of North Carolina-style tangy sauce. To go alongside it, I tried a thick cornbread with a fantastic cinnamon sugar butter topping it off.

Also huge on the menu is breakfast, which shouldn’t be overlooked. Here is where the menu becomes even more down-home good; eggs, sausage, French toast and English muffins, all the way to pancakes, omelettes and everything in between. I love the concept of the bar, it’s a friendly kind of place and the cuisine is very friendly and familiar.

In all, the spot is a great place to try, if not for the simplicity, than just for the fact that like many other bars in Kent, it’s just a friendly place to go to get some simple food and enjoy a drink in the process. Great!


  • Breakfast specials are well known at the spot, and they seem to periodically update the Facebook page with specialties.
  • The evening cuisine is heavy on bar food favorites like burgers wings and steaks, and I recommend giving these a try.
  • Also, go for the barbecue when you can get it. I was a huge fan.

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