Donut & More

28 North Wilkinson St.
Dayton, OH 45402

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3 stars

It’s very nearly invisible without any kind of an online presence and really no advertising other than a simple sign out front, but downtown is served by a tiny sandwich shop called “Donut & More” with a pretty simple proposition, a lot of snacks and prepackaged things you can take to go, in addition to prepared sandwiches and donuts prepared in house. The spot primarily serves employees of the nearby government buildings as well as the people visit them. But beware: cash only.

Cash only!

The sandwiches are good, all of them are homemade, with some specials changing by the day. Each sandwich will put you back in the realm of $3.50 a pop, and I’d contend that they’re bigger than the average sandwich you can make at home and a little more filling. There’s something to be said for the convenience factor on it though. There are soups of the day that are sometimes available too, which can be prepared to order, though sometimes it means they don’t have the soup ready.

There are a number of pastries in the mix two, primarily glazed donuts but a few other things like cinnamon rolls, pastries, eclairs and other things. So I like the donuts for the very reason others might not: the dough isn’t very sweet. Oftentimes donuts are sweet dough with icing and other things, but this is kind of a muted flavor that lets the cream and icing and nuts and other things get into the forefront. A tad pricier than other donut places too.

The place accepts cash only, and they make it very clear. Something else to make clear because people seem to misunderstand: there’s a strong language barrier here. The folks who run the shop are very nice, and food comes out quickly, but they just don’t speak English terribly well and that can at times be a problem. In all though, I didn’t mind the place, and I’ll probably be back.


  • The spot is absolutely cash only. People seem to constantly not notice that.
  • It’s also sometimes not open on federal holidays and other occasions. This is because many of the customers are in the government buildings around the spot.
  • This is a to-go joint, just a counter to grab food and go walking with it. Lot of packaged snacks and other things, too.

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