Horseless Buggy Eatery

Dayton-area food truck
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The emerging food truck business lets you meet all kinds of folks, really, as they break into the food business. That’s what I chuckled to myself when I first laid eyes on Horseless Buggy Eatery, a Dayton-based food truck that looks to have been build out of an old RV. This funny little spot is a rare sight, though I admit I wish it was more common to find in town. At catering events, food truck rallies and the like you can find this small but delicious menu of sandwiches and burgers on hand.


Generally the menu is pretty simple street food favorites, like subs, burgers and gyros, with some sides, notably house-made fries.

The loaded steak sandwich was my first introduction to the cuisine you’ll find at Horseless Buggy. On its face, it’s essentially a fancy Philly Cheese Steak. Slices of steak grilled over a range and topped with some pepper cheese, veggies and a few more things. The steak is seared perfectly, just a little bit of a crispiness on the end, but still fitting nicely into a 7-inch bun. I got a side of fries because I thought I’d still be hungry — I wasn’t after that wonderful, monstrous sandwich. But I went for the fries, another great item on the relatively small menu. The fries are tasty and very satisfying, they’re topped with large-grain salt and I think I detect a hint of dill too. Love it! What’s better, I got a “small” basket which was still huge. They’re perfect to split with a partner over a sandwich!

The staff at Horseless Buggy was exceptional. The food didn’t take long to make, even when there was a line for the truck. They also seemed to manage the quantity of people well and without being stressed or messing up orders. Great to see a group that has broken into the food biz so well. Often I feel like food trucks can be unprepared for the rigor, especially since they’re all the rage these days.

It’s a rare sight even in the hometown, but if you spot this black ‘buggy parked out at one of the events downtown, give it a try!


  • The buggy is only to be found mainly at catering events and large food truck gatherings, it’s hard to spot on the day-to-day beat. So if you spot it, you got lucky! Give it a try!
  • I loved the fries, highly recommended.
  • You may want to follow their Facebook page, they do occasionally pop up all over town.

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