Phatt Taco (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2017, Phatt Taco is closed.
50 North High St.
Columbus, OH 43215
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It’s a relative newcomer to downtown Columbus, but Phatt Taco is plugged into a vibrant lunch dining scene in Capital City. There have been a number of tex-mex inspired dining options come and go from downtown in the past few years, but at last one has come to town that specializes in something downtown dwellers are looking for more and more: delicious but healthy ways to have lunch. This spot takes the custom-made mex food concept but instead of packing that into thousand-calorie burritos, it espouses smaller and more veggie healthy items.

Phatt Taco - Barbacoa Tostada

It’s lunch done right; meat that is braised, not fried. Seafood bathed in cilantro and lime juice instead of butter. Dishes heavy on beans, vegetables and salad instead of carb-heavy rice or flour tortilla. You can pile a dish high with the favorite dishes of your choice. I sampled the barbacoa beef — very tender Latin American preparation style, and piled it high with beans and veggies. Three sauces topped the dish to make it shine, one sort of a light chipotle aioli and another avocado based. In the end, the flavors pack the dish and made it outstanding.

The tostada is the preferred method for food, because it has less tortilla and less rice and trades off that weight with protein and more filling ingredients. A big nod to that. If you prefer other options, there is also barbacoa pork, shrimp, and a few other occasional kinds of fish. Alternatives include tacos, a chicken soup, and tamales, all of it in a build-your-own style as much as possible.

Service is nice, the spot offers porch dining and an interior where a lot of folks can congregate, but the beauty is in the simplicity. You go up to the counter and get your food, and it’s served up to you custom-made. All very handy.

In all I’m very hopeful about this spot. It’s got something that’s otherwise hard to find in downtown Columbus; good, flavorful and healthy food. I suggest Phatt Taco, especially if you’re looking for lighter fare. It’s a great representation of how Latin American cuisine is supposed to be done.


  • Tostadas are the most popular menu item, and the dish can be custom made.
  • Give a try to the food here if you’re looking for a healthy lunch.
  • The patio is great on warm days.

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