The Original Pancake House

1516 Miamisburg Centerville Rd.
Dayton, OH 45459
website2 stars

Now with just over 100 locations around the country, The Original Pancake House started in the 1950’s as a diner in Portland, Oregon and now has franchised across the West Coast and moving to the East Coast as well. As it continues to grow, the restaurant says its got a commitment to high quality ingredients that keeps it ahead of the competition. My experience in this regard has been mixed. The Pancake House does some things well but overall my feelings on this breakfast chain is mixed.

The food is breakfast fare to be sure, all of it is the classic American favorites, the simple breakfast dishes that everyone loves. I gave a try to some of the simple favorites, and indeed there’s something wonderful about those pancakes. The chain touts it uses “93 score butter, pure 36% whipping cream, fresh grade AA eggs” and the result is that the buttermilk pancakes do pack a delicious punch, heavy but not overwhelming, and the buttermilk makes them sweet and tasty. The chain serves a cup of butter atop the cakes so it’s melty before it even gets onto the cakes, as well as a syrup, which was sort of bland.

The other dishes didn’t impress me as much; the restaurant does in fact use higher grade bacon, but the bacon that came to me was leathery dry. The eggs I had were pretty dry and simple too, and I suspect the problem is they were under a heat lamp for too long. And that seems to be the epitome of the main problem I had at the place, that service is consistently slow. I visited during a slow hour and during a rush and it in each instance it took awhile to get the attention of a server, and to get refills, and later to get food. That’s a shame too, because it means the ingredients, good and priced as they are, are at an end result still average. I should also add there’s absolutely nothing on the menu if you’re looking for a lighter or healthier breakfast, unless you get a plain crepe.

That said, the prices here are also higher than what I’ve encountered at the smaller mom-and-pop greasy spoons that are common to this type of restaurant. Typically the appeal of chains is that they are cheaper and more consistent, but neither of those qualities is present in this chain. While it’s a novel idea to have a diner like this one as a chain, there’s a reason they tend to be little local businesses; because they feel more genuine. The experience here doesn’t lead me to recommend the spot.


  • The pancakes are the item on the menu I most suggest.
  • Get water. A large orange juice is $4.50, and a coffee is $2.50.
  • Little to no options at this spot if you’re looking for something healthier or smaller.

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One thought on “The Original Pancake House

  1. Hello, My name is Nadia. I am the Manager of The Original Pancake House in Upper Arlington. I have some questions regarding your experience. Would you mind telling me about your experience at this specific location?
    This is the only Original Pancake House currently owned and operated by Ruben and Patty Guzman. We are not affiliated with the Dayton location that you tied us in with by accident. For example, the picture of the bacon, eggs and potatoes is not our product.
    At our Upper Arlington location, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients in the market, which these recipes demand. For example, we hand crack our eggs to order and serve Daily’s thick-cut, never frozen, hickory-smoked, honey-cured bacon, identical to what is served in Portland. We prepare our batters daily, hand cut our fruit, and squeeze our fresh OJ to order. We own a very small freezer that is only used for bread in order to guarantee everything we serve is of peak freshness.
    We do offer healthier options as well in our “Light Bites” section in our menu; such as oatmeal, granola made in-house, fresh guacamole toast and keto-friendly Mexican Skillets. We can also prepare any of our egg dishes, omelettes, hash browns and protein with hypo-allergenic peanut oil rather than butter upon request for people who are dairy intolerant.
    We understand that even when using the highest quality ingredients, heat lamps sacrifice the integrity of the product. Therefore our food is in under the heat lamps for a maximum of 30 seconds, any product there longer is remade before being served.
    We pride ourselves on being an upscale, modern diner, not a cheap chain or “smaller mom and pop greasy spoon.”
    We are very adamant about the consistency of our products and service, especially since we have a higher price point than any other breakfast restaurant in Columbus.
    We strive for fast, attentive, genuine service at OPH of UA. We never want to see an empty coffee cup, dirty plates, cold food or guests looking around for their server. We want our guests to leave with a “WOW” experience every time they dine with us. We call this breakfast execution. We want to revolutionize the breakfast industry so if we did not meet your expectations, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to let us know about your experience.
    Thank you for your time and we look forward to your reply.

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