Another Food Critic gives GISHWHES some love

I review a lot of odd things. But you know, I never turn a strange dish down. Turns out, I have a chance to put my adventurous palette to the test.

GISHWHES, or “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen,” terms itself as an across-the-glob adventure where teams of 15 take on a laundry-list of items to complete, many of which focused on the media. This year, as it so happened, one of the challenges was to create a very eccentric 4-year-old’s recipe and get a noted food critic to review it. To be exact, this recipe, by little Westie:


I’ll admit, I have worked in the media all of my working life — but this was whole hunt was news to me. Until, of course, my inbox was flooded earlier this week as esteemed GISHWHES teams sought a chance for me to write up their take on the dish. I couldn’t go out to meet all of the teams, but I was able to get a few of them to make their own take for me and send me the results. Another Food Critic is happy to help! Before you go running off to make this yourself, might want to see the whole clip…you might be surprised.

Team PaversOfGoodIntentLovesDrunkenPiratesg2

Millie S. from team “PaversOfGoodIntentLovesDrunkenPirates” (It’s an abbreviation, I’m told) writes that this recipe is especially interesting to her. So I’m a fan of goldfish…and I like orange juice. And of course, I like apples…and then there is also tomato sauce in there. It sounds sort of horrible at first putting this recipe together, but you know, it turns out chocolate and orange juice probably aren’t that bad together. Soggy popcorn is probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing for this food critic to try, personally though.

I will say I have done that spin-the-bowl-with-the-mixer move Westie tried, and it has never turned out for me in quite the same way.

Team Hunters Alliance Loves Gishernautsunnamed

Sara T. from Team Hunters Alliance Loves Gishernauts put together the recipe in a very pretty bowl. But those goldfish! I don’t know about you readers, but I like my pasta sauce heavy on the ground up goldfish. From the look of that YouTube video, it looks like this one needed to be mixed up a little bit more. Maybe a few more chocolate chips, too to even out the wonderful tang that orange juice has when it’s combined with popcorn and chocolate.

And the pasta looks perfectly undercooked. I bet Westie would be proud.

Team Hunters & HalosGISHWHES

Lisa Z. from Team Hunters & Halos writes that she recreated the recipe with her niece and nephew this week. Some of the shenanigans can be seen here. I have to vote that the end result of this recipe looks the best, but you never know, the pasta and goldfish, it looks like, really make the whole thing. Because other than that, it’s sort of a thousand different kinds of sweet things hitting you all at once, you know?

And of course, make sure the jam cooks down perfectly. With the tomato sauce I’m sure. But it looks like Team Hunters & Halos made a true-to-form take on this esteemed dish.

10566260_885039551524025_2096641096_nTeam The Wayward Puns

Lucy C. from Team The Wayward Puns fielded her own entry where she went a little rebellious on the pasta, subbing in ziti pasta for the rotelle variety that was made in the original. It also looks like  this one needs a little but of mixing so all those wonderful liquids can come together and simmer down. But that said, she made a conspicuous point to put a few bites into the apple, and there’s something to be said for that. Gives it the perfect “tried, and then discarded” look that seems to be the real inspiration for Westie’s whole masterpiece. Something to be said for a chef who takes an original dish and puts their own spin on it, because who knows how many ways you can improve no matter how great it already is?

It looks like it would be a little sweet-on-sweet, but at this point, just looking at all of these dishes is sort of giving me high blood sugar, so I am going to give this one a passing grade, too.

Thanks to everyone for your submissions, and good luck teams!


2 thoughts on “Another Food Critic gives GISHWHES some love

  1. I was going to leave a comment on how dumb this is, but this is a dead blog as no one comments or rates anything. What a waste of time.

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