Dilly Cafe

6818 Wooster Pike
Mariemont, OH 45227
websiteIMG_14504 stars

Pretty Mariemont is one of the more affluent suburbs of Cincinnati, so it makes sense you’d find a wine bistro like Dilly here. The little bistro once known as the Dilly Deli has the charm that embodies many of the businesses in this suburb, it’s pretty, a little bit down-to-earth and yet very elegant. Its food is a light fare and it’s a place where you go not only to try a few nice, select vintage wines but also to give a sampling to quality kinds of beer, whether you are looking at a social brew or a niche brand from somewhere local. I like this spot. It’s just fancy enough to impress.


The cuisine has a few burgers and sandwiches, but most of it is pretty light cuisine. Give a try for instance to the BLT sandwich, no less than ten slices of bacon fill the revered dish, but in spite of that it’s got a light, airy feel with just a few pieces of lettuce and tomato to round it out but even with a little mayo, the sandwich doesn’t overwhelm the sense or leave you feeling like it’s too greasy.

The other sandwiches on the menu show similar form, with the tasty grilled chicken sandwich another of the menu items I’ve tried that I liked, topped with lettuce, tomato and onion on an egg roll. One of the most famous items on the menu is the “Mariemont Gobbler,” a smoked turkey sandwich with brie cheese and a cranberry chutney. Many other good sandwiches are on the menu from the Reuben, the vegetarian burger and roast beef, to heavier options like fish and chips, meatloaf, and crab cakes.

Service is good, the people here are very friendly and even when the restaurant sort of picks up in the afternoon the food comes out pretty quickly. The atmosphere of Dilly is very non-pretentious, and that’s a nice thing that goes a long way. Prices are pretty reasonable for bistro cuisine, and the selection on the menu has a lot of space for healthy options and picky eaters. In all, I see what people find so attractive about Dilly, and it’s the kind of place you might like too, if you pay a visit.


  • Dilly Cafe, once called Dilly Deli, has a lot of outdoor space for dining on nice days, which is really pretty.
  • The spot is also a craft beer and quality wine shop, and that brings people in to shop as well as eat.
  • The light menu fare is good, sandwiches are the best, and the salads are also popular.

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