Glass Slipper Tea Cottage

222 Staff Dr.
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
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Tea is a specialty of small-town America, and what better place to enjoy it than the South? While Ft. Walton Beach is a corridor many tourists take to get to Destin and sandy beaches, many of them pass by The Glass Slipper as they do and don’t even know it. Indeed, it would be easy not to notice the unassuming little house is even a business were it not for the pretty lawn and neat trinkets that adorn its sign. The product of a happily ‘retired’ family, this little spot is a nice experience of the comfort and charms of Southern hospitality.

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This spot hosts primarily lighter fare to complement its selection of teas. Its “Traditional Tea” and “Lighter Touch” tea are multi-tirered setups of small sandwiches and goodies to go along with a pot of tea, but “Traditional” is meant to be shared by two people whereas “Lighter” would be better for one person who might have a bigger appetite.

If you pick “traditional” you’ll get the added bonus of a quiche, a great simple dish made with eggs and spinach, as well as a pick of soups, among them a creamy carrot soup or a sweet apricot soup were available the day I paid a visit. Also topping the presentations were house-made scones which come with a butter and lemon curd spread and taste something like lemon meringue pie when you get to sample them.

Sandwiches include a chicken salad on a bit of croissant, an egg salad on pumpernickel, a stuffed pepper with some mild toppings, and an apple sandwich on cinnamon bread. Among the baked goodies I tried were a lemon cookie, a pound cake topped with berries, a white-chocolate covered strawberry, and a very light mousse that was delicious with the whole dish.

The service in the spot is amazing, it’s a very small tea room with only a dozen or so tables, but the interior feels warm and friendly. Staff was attentive and very considerate to out-of-towners and the tea selection was substantial, but they were friendly enough to walk us through the experience. What’s better, you’ll get a photo with your meal, and if you like, a chance to try on the many hats that adorn the walls of the cottage. It’s a funny experience, one groups of ladies seem to love for its peacefulness, and seems to be a spot well-loved by the locals who come for quiet conversation and friendly faces. And who can blame them? The Glass Slipper was a fantastic experience.


  • Seating is very limited in the tea house, and I recommend making reservations in advance.
  • The “Traditional Tea” would be best shared between two people while the “Lighter Touch Tea” would be good for one person with a bigger appetite.
  • If you like the teas, there is a small shop in the front of the store where you can pick up packages of it to take home.

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