Wing Zone

5568 Airway Rd.
Dayton, OH 45431

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2 stars

Now with a little over 50 locations around the country, Wing Zone tends to be planted around military bases and towns, as a cheap option for wings and other fast foods that can be delivered to your doorstep. The chain’s independent franchises don’t have dine-in options that I have seen; rather they seem to be going in the direction of other discount food options, preferring instead to be a carry out joint. While the prices are below what some of the other wing chains, I’d contend the quality is below them, too.

There are about 20 flavors of wings, which come either bone-in or boneless, and in several individual meal options with sides or as buckets of different sizes. I gave a try to two: the “Smokin Q” and the “Tokyo Dragon;” and I couldn’t tell the difference between them. Smokin’ Q is supposed to be slightly spicy with a smokey barbecue flavor and some cayenne pepper. It’s got something of an Asian kick to it, actually, but it’s got no smokiness to it. The Tokyo Dragon, which was notably spicier, is a combination of teriyaki, ginger, soy and honey, and the result does have a nice warm heat that sneaks up on you after you’ve had a few wings. But the sauce just didn’t taste much different.

The fries, which come with a bucket of wings, are potato wedges with a crunchy shell. I like the seasoning some, but when it comes back to it, the fries are clearly just frozen and delivered from a distribution center somewhere. As is the rest of the food. There’s something to be said for wings that are a few bucks cheaper, but for the most part the prices are only slightly lower and what you’re getting is loaded with salt, highly processed, and all-in-all not especially outstanding.

The service, though, is nice, the carryout spot takes about 10 minutes or so to complete an order if you walk in, and the delivery area around the spot seems to be pretty quick on delivery, too. The people are good. In all, though, the food to me just wasn’t worth it. It’ll be a lot better for you to grab wings somewhere else.


  • The place has no dine-in options, but it does carry-out as well as delivery.
  • Price points are lower than other wing places, but the food is also very processed, highly salty, and in all sort of simple.
  • There are individual meals you can order, as well as buckets of wings.

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One thought on “Wing Zone

  1. I am not impressed with Wing Zone, I tried to order on line but kept saying it was a $15.00 minimum, which I had met by ordering extras just to meet minimum. Still would not accept my order, I called and they said oh that’s wrong, it’s $18.00 minimum. I only live less than 1/2 a mile from them but had no transportation so opted for delivery. I will never use this business again for that reason.

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