Cheryl’s Cookies

338 East Stroop Rd.
Kettering, OH 45420
websiteCheryl&Co (Kettering, OH)3 stars

Although it’s a bakery and a small chain of storefronts, Cheryl’s will remind you more of the kind of big-name candy shop you’d see at a ritzy mall. Founded in Columbus, this retailer, which sells baked goodies like cookies and brownies, is probably best known as a good place for corporate gifts, thank-you boxes and baskets of assorted treats for formal occasions. It used to be called Cheryl&Co, but the retailer seems to have changed its name recently. The recipes on the goodies, though, remain much the same.IMG_1429

The goods are best known for being individually plastic wrapped, which makes them well suited for variety baskets which I’ve seen most often used as corporate gifts. The variety baskets have a lot of kinds of sweets in them to try. Among them:

  • Chocolate chip cookies: The basic favorite, the bag does them a favor and keeps them moist. A little light on the chocolate chips, in my opinion, though they’re cooked just right.
  • Frosted cookies: The  frosting is very buttery, and of course the bag again makes them softer for longer, which is good because icing tends to dry out.
  • Pretzel clusters: served in white chocolate which is great.
  • Brownies: Served as brownie bits with small parts of peanuts and chocolate chips. They’re great, but could always use some kind of fudge or something to really make them great.
  • Muffins: Come in a few varieties. Mini muffins make for great snacks.

The shops are great, they’re usually very small kiosks within malls and shopping centers which have a lot of goods to be bought directly on site. But the appeal really seems to be in ordering them online and having them delivered. Whether it’s a birthday or a special event or a corporate gift. In all, it’s a pretty safe choice for a gift, too. Neutral and with a wide appeal. Though, I will confess, if you want a more personalized gift, I’ve found better versions of each of these goodies  in their respective cities.


  • There are 11 stores in Columbus, Dayton, California, Dayton and other locations.
  • The individually bagged goods work well in corporate gifts or baskets because they have a wide appeal for people whose tastes you might not be familiar. Ultimately, though, if you have a favorite bakery in town, odds are this one won’t top it.
  • Online orders are also a popular way to go.

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