Clancy’s Tavern

5514 Burkhardt Rd.
Dayton, OH 45431
websiteIMG_21563 stars

A local bar east of Dayton, Clancy’s Tavern is a sports bar and a very low-key local feel. Bringing in a clientele primarily from the surrounding neighborhoods and nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, this bar prides itself on its short but effective menu of dinner items including burgers, steaks and nice seafood dishes. Packed away in a strip mall without that much of an exterior feel, and priding itself in showing off every NFL game in town, this really is the kind of quiet place a couple of friends would really warm up.

The food on the menu is standard local bar food; with a selection of burgers and a variety of sandwiches, there is also a large number of dinner dishes and foods like clam strips and orange Roughy. All of it relatively affordable in price too, a burger with chips will be $5 to $8 depending on how fancy it is. I was personally a big fan of the original burger, the patty is made in-house and it’s topped with a ton of veggies. I thought the cheeseburger was a little heavy on the onions, but that’s easy to fix. In all, I do suggest giving one of them a try.

There are a ton of “after 5 p.m. dinners” with a standard range of surf and turf options, with a selection of steaks, chicken that is grilled or barbecued, shrimp and clam strips. Most of these run in the $10 to $18 range with the seafood running for a little bit more.

The environment is nice, the restaurant is a community bar so the whole place is sort of no-frills, but at the same time it’s got a friendly vibe. The bar is huge, and there are plenty of televisions, so the variety of drinks that can be tried is great. The service is good, and the food comes relatively quickly.

You probably won’t have heard of Clancy’s through any of the high-profile food sites or much-hyped outlets around town. Instead, you’ll probably find out about it through a friend, and isn’t that really the place where it means the most? Bring a friend to Clancy’s, and make sure to grab some of the good bar food.


  • There is a pretty big selection of burgers to try, which I recommend. I’ve heard the chicken chunks are pretty good too.
  • The bar is in a strip mall and it doesn’t look like a big place, but it’s actually pretty sizable, has a lot of room for local folks, and a huge bar for drinks and sports.
  • Also, give the wings a try, I have heard good things.

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