Another Food Critic judges the 2014 Grill for Good

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Another Food Critic has made a name judging food contests around the state, and I’m sorry to say I’ve had to turn down some great gigs. When I heard about Kent, Ohio’s Grill for Good, though, I had to pay a visit. Grill for Good is a grilling contest in the high summer which benefits a number of charities in this northeast Ohio community. With the folks at FeedMeCle and Kent’s Mayor, Jerry Fiala, we judged entries of 17 grillers — four restaurants and 13 more groups of die-hard foodies, who showed off their skills with the smokers and tongs.

I’ve never been to Kent until this, actually, and I’m new to the Cleveland restaurant scene in general. What A beautiful town! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

One Response to “Another Food Critic judges the 2014 Grill for Good”
  1. Dan says:

    You failed to mention who won 1st place for the best grilled food, enlighten us.

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