3810 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
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Now with two spots and a food truck in the Pittsburgh area, Franktuary is sort of a funny concept. It’s the idea of a few Pittsburgh folks who decided it would be just splendid to have a church-themed bar. The menu is near-impossible to describe, thanks in part to the fact that they change the menu every day. What you can be sure of, though, is that you’ll find some really great hot dog options on the menu, and Sundays are a must-do for great brunch.



After a night out in a place like Pittsburgh’s South Side, or even the North Shore, a trip here to see what’s cooking the next morning is a great idea. The Saturday I came to visit a waffle sandwich was on the menu for $12. It’s made with an extra thick American-style waffle filled with eggs over easy, a savory sausage and some sharp cheese, all served with a Maple aioli to top it off. Delicious! It’s all the breakfast foods you might love crammed together into one. It doesn’t look big but it’s very filling. Also on the menu were flat breads, and a few other great foods like mini donuts.

The real daytime attraction for Franktuary, and indeed half of its namesake, is the hot dog creations on the menu. Again here, you’d be hard-pressed to find something consistently on the menu, but among the favorites seems to be a Chicago-style hot dog, pizza themed franks, corn dog confections and giant bratwurst sausages.

The atmosphere of the spot is really funny; sort of does have a church theme, with the wallpaper and some of the decor and things. The bar is fully stocked, though, and they make some really good mixed drinks, from bloody marys to mimosas and so on. A pretty good selection of liquor is on the menu so you’ll have no hard time visiting this spot for an after-work drink or a creative dinner.

There is something of a wait for the spot; both the Downtown and the Lower Lawrenceville location don’t have a lot of good parking, and the seating in each is pretty compact; come at an off-hour or expect to wait some time. But the restaurant is still worth it for the great brunch you’ll have here.

Pittsburgh folks know how to eat, that much is obvious. The hip and very popular Franktuary is just another great example of that. I highly recommend it!


  • Parking can be difficult at either location, might expect to walk a bit!
  • Odd-numbered groups seem to take a little longer to serve, each spot has very limited seating. The wait is worth it for this food, though.
  • The menu changes every day, but expect great hot dogs in the afternoons and a hearty and diverse set of breakfast offerings to go along with the food.

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