The Lucky Dragon

20 South Main St.
Dayton, OH 45402
locationIMG_11701 star

While it’s located inside the downtown Dayton RTA hub, The Lucky Dragon is a discount Chinese restaurant that serves the central business district with takeout food that is walkable from most of the downtown offices. It’s a pretty simple walk-up counter, with a pretty simple menu of the typical Chinese food you might find at a food court kiosk. Well, I gave the food a try, and it really didn’t convince me that it was at any quality above your typical mall kiosk.




The food is served up as a base of rice and one or two sides for about six bucks a pop. There are about a dozen kinds of standard Chinese food on a given day, and there are also some burgers and hot dogs on the menu, apparently. I didn’t go for those. What I did try, though, I really didn’t like. Take the “charbroiled chicken,” which is in effect sort of a standard bourbon chicken recipe. The chicken is tender and the texture is good, but the sauce is not. It’s so salty that it almost overwhelms any other flavor, and that salty-sweetness, a typical instance of bad ingredients.

I also tried the General Tso’s chicken, a fan favorite, and just about everything about it was unpleasant. The sauce was thicker and this time it was overly sweet. The texture is completely strange, it’s not crunchy at all, each bite is generally sort of a soggy mess. Then, once you’re done with the meat, you bite into the fried rice, which is woefully undercooked, and with just a few frozen vegetables in it. Very much in need of some better rice, or at least to be cooked longer.

It’s a place designed for convenience and economic food, but the things you’ll eat here isn’t really up to snuff. Tack onto that a Chinese food buffet is two blocks away with prices just a tad cheaper than this place, and you’ve got a spot that you have plenty of reasons to avoid. I’m sorry to say it, but I wouldn’t recommend this spot at all.

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