2014 Yuengling Bands and BBQ

2014 Yuengling Bands & BBQFoodies love going to restaurants, of course, but lately I’ve really come to appreciate how many restaurant events have been coming to Dayton of late. Montgomery County fairgrounds got lively this weekend with the 2nd iteration of Yuengling Bands and BBQ, which brought some great names in country music — and some great names in Dayton barbecue, of course, thanks to the Miami Valley Restaurant Association, which has really been kicking up the events to showcase the area’s best restaurants. IMG_1495

My friends at Dayton Local scored me a ticket, so I thought it might be time for me to try my first country music band and grab some smoky barbecue while I was at it. Who could turn down that delicious pulled pork and sweet barbecue sauce from the likes of Hickory River Smokehouse? It’s a winner at the State Fair as one of the best in the state. I would know, I was one of the judges to awarded that prize in 2012. But moreover, it was good to see some of the other restaurants bring out their takes on barbecue, from Company 7 BBQ to Brixx Ice Co. to the Amber Rose, there is a lot of flavor to be had in Dayton, and you’d be remiss if you didn’t grab a hold of some of that variety.

And the music! Headline acts Josh Thompson and Craig Campbell were very welcoming to the crowd from the moment they took the stage, and some great original music, as well as some takes on popular stuff. I wasn’t an avid listener but I went digging around for some more of their material, and it’s great to have been given such a pleasant introduction.

Hats off to you, MVRA! Now that summer’s in the swing of things, there’s no better way to celebrate than some good local barbecue.


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