Royal Wok

34 Hiawatha Trail
Springboro, OH 45066

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2 stars

All of the Chinese restaurants in Springboro, Ohio are in pretty close proximity to one another, and Royal Wok is a little hard to spot along the town’s main stretch to the highway. Still, it’s a little Chinese restaurant that has had a long-standing presence in the city, even as other restaurants have come and gone in town. It’s a convenient spot for takeout, and of course a good chance for some inexpensive lunch. While some of the food was decent I did feel like the spot could use a little more attentive service.

The restaurant menu is prototypical Chinese cuisine, heavy on the fried specialties and convenient food to take out. The appetizer items are only decent, notably the chicken wings are fried and from that they did end up coming out a little dry. The crab Rangoon had a similar crispiness to it, but it was also heavy on the cream cheese and light on other ingredients in its mix. The wonton soup was interesting, essentially wontons in a light broth, but the wontons were good so the soup was a simple delight. I gave a try to the Peking Ribs, spare ribs cooked in an Asian barbecue sauce. The ribs are a little on the dry side, though the sauce is really nice. The rice was a variety of brown that was prepared pretty simply.

Service at the spot was pretty minimal. I had no major problems with any of the dishes on my table, but it was a shame to see the staff not really pay any attention to me. I took a seat and someone came out from the kitchen only twice; once to take my order and once to deliver the bill. Never to check back on the food or see if I needed anything else. They didn’t even come to check on if I was paying with a card or anything (I used cash) so I left it on the table and walked out without really seeing anyone from the place. Either way, was sort of a shame.

In all, Springboro has a range of Chinese options and now more Thai and other things are finding their way out to town. While it’s got a simple proposition to be a local Chinese food dive, I don’t think Royal Wok is doing anything to pull itself ahead of the pack.


  • Dining in has benefits, lunch comes with some great appetizers and is altogether pretty inexpensive with the average lunch dish being about $6.
  • The fried food is decent but some of the other items, like the ribs, I don’t recommend.
  • Service is pretty minimal, but still I found the people working here to be pleasant.

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