Bunkers Bar & Grill

893 East National Rd.
Vandalia, OH 45377
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North Dayton is filled with little bars and restaurants that each has sort of a cult following among the locals, and everyone has a favorite. One of the bars that has risen to a regional level of fame for its cuisine, Bunkers Bar and Grill has a spacious interior that brings people in droves for its bar food options. You might have heard of its wings, which have won a number of local awards for their size. You might also have heard of the wing and dipping sauce, which Bunkers sells in some local convenience stores. One way or another, this National Road bar is one that’s worth a visit.

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Right off the bat, the very best thing on the menu is the wings. They’re sold as appetizers, but in fact they’re massive and extra crispy; double-breaded and drenched in one of the bar’s few different recipes for wing sauce. The barbecue sauce is very sweet, and a good safe first option. The spicy option is very, very hot, so don’t commit to that unless you’re prepared for a real mouth-burner. One way or another, make sure you get napkins. The wings are very, very heavy on it.

The burgers are also pretty decent. There isn’t anything wrong with them, in fact the plain version, a third-pound patty topped with cheese and veggies and  a side of chips, is pretty tasty. It’s a safe option, albeit not a memorable one, on the menu, which also has a number of other bar food specialties, like pizzas and fried appetizers and other things. Really, everyone seems to find something they like at the bar, and since it’s just a little ways off of Interstate 75, it’s also a pretty easy drive, especially for out-of-towners looking for somewhere local.

Bunkers is an active place in town, and its wings are deservedly considered some of the best. Definitely a must for the first items on the menu to try. But the spot brings people in in droves to try the many other items on its menu, as well. While this restaurant keeps its décor pretty simple and its menu pretty true to classic bar fare, it’s a successful restaurant, and a good option for grub in north Dayton.


    • The wings should be tried on the first visit. They’re jumbo and served in a heavy sauce. Spicy sauce is very hot, but the barbecue is a sweet counterpart.
    • Burgers seem to be pretty popular on the menu, too.
    • Meal time hours are pretty crowded, though big groups seem to be welcome regardless.

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2 thoughts on “Bunkers Bar & Grill

  1. Hello, you misquoted the street name in your article; but you have the address correct; it’s National Road, not Needmore Rd. 🙂 Nice article

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