Tickets Pub & Eatery

7 West Main St.
Fairborn, OH 45324
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Downtown Fairborn is a little bit out of the way for the average Dayton foodie, so you don’t hear a lot about the restaurants along the main stretch of this northwest suburb of the city, in spite of the presence of two major regional attractions, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Wright State University. Indeed, the folks who frequent the place seem to be either neighborhood folk or employees of one of those two spots. But Tickets Pub and Eatery, perhaps the most visible off of the street, is a good bar food destination for when you do venture this way.

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The restaurant has a menu that favors Greek foods, like gyros and souvlaki alongside the typical bar fare like burgers, wings and fried foods. I was going to give the Greek dishes a try on my first visit, then I smelled the burgers and it was an instant good decision. Those are fantastic. The beef is seared but you can get it how you want it, so the inside depends on what you prefer. It’s made off of some kind of grill which makes a world of a difference as far as burgers go. Very noticeable difference in flavor from the other burgers in town. And I’d have to say I favor it. Served up with a side of spicy fries which have just a little bit of heat to them, you’ve got a winning combination.

If you aren’t up for the burger though, I would say the gyro is a popular alternative. The souvlaki is interesting too, it’s actually a grilled pork tenderloin served much like a gyro, served on a pita with veggies and tzatziki sauce. You don’t think of Greek food in the context of a bar often, but it does seem to work.

The restaurant’s service is good, it seems to have a crowd from the base for lunch so wait times on things can sometimes vary. However, the food still comes relatively quickly. The restaurant benefits from a dual concept too, when walking in, its right (east) half is a lively sports bar for groups, while the other side is more of a quiet family restaurant establishment. Tickets does it all well. It’s an interesting concept with a small town feel despite a huge customer base from a mid-sized city. I say it’s worth a try.


  • The Greek dishes are probably what you’ll want to try first when coming here, but I recommend the burger over everything else.
  • Like many small-town restaurants this one has quite a few dinner specials depending on the day. You might want to check their Facebook page to see what’s cooking.
  • Also, there’s a two-toned concept to the spot, one side of the restaurant is more of a lively sports bar while the other is more of a sit down style. Good for both.

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