Hunan Wok

997 South Main St.
Centerville, OH 45458
locationIMG_11242 stars

Hunan Wok has been the centrally located take out destination for the south Dayton suburb of Centerville for about 10 years, commanding a major share of suburban delivery business from a modest space in a large strip mall. It’s got the basic Chinese food menu with a few variations, and it’s the place a lot of locals pick south of town for its convenience.

The Chinese spot seems to have a following, and a lot of people seem to swear by it, but I’ve just never had a good experience with the food here, so I don’t know what the hype has been about.


There are a few dishes I like. I’m a fan of the spring rolls; often in Americanized Chinese restaurants you’ll find the spring rolls and egg rolls are interchangeable, but here the dish is done well; it’s smaller and served in a fried wonton wrap and filled with cabbage and a few vegetables. This is very different from the restaurant’s egg roll appetizer, which is markedly larger, filled with meat as well as vegetables, and served in a fried flour dough wrap.

I was not impressed, though, by the entrees. The sesame chicken which I tried wasn’t crunchy though the chicken was fried. In fact, the texture was a little soggy, as though the dish hadn’t been fried long enough or not using enough breading. Nowhere in it was even the taste of sesame, as other places tend to put some sesame oil in the recipe, this one lacked it. I tried crowd-favorite General Tso’s Chicken with about the same result.  The chicken isn’t very crunchy and the sauce is weak. The fried rice is also bland, there needs to be some vegetable component added, or better yet some seasoning to make that better. As is, it’s just plain rice, cooked and then fried.

That said, service is good, and the experiences I have had say that the food comes out pretty quickly. The people are nice, to be certain. The restaurant is generally pretty clean and organized as well. The main point of contention I find here is just with the food. I see that a lot of folks in Dayton like this place, so the reviews say. But I’ve just not had the experiences here to say I agree with them.


  • This restaurant is one of the few that delivers to most of Centerville and south Kettering in Dayton, and several of those areas aren’t covered by any other place very well.
  • I like some of the appetizers, but avoid any dish that involved fried chicken.
  • The lunch specials are pretty inexpensive here, might be worth a try.

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