Evans Bakery

700 Troy St.
Dayton, OH 45404
Facebook pageevans-bakery-dayton-oh
3 stars

This small bakery just north of downtown Dayton is a destination for just about all different kinds of baked goods, from cookies to donuts and about a thousand kinds of cakes and other treats. It’s typically open early in the morning through mid-afternoon, and I would suggest the first and best things to try at Evans Bakery would be what you can find here for breakfast. It’s a corner shop and a pretty quiet one, so you might not have heard of this spot unless you pass it by. But you might want to give it a try.

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I’ve tried an extensive selection of the donuts that Evans produces and they’re great. The basic donut is pretty simple, a sweet-on-sweet dough with just a little bit of glaze on it. What I really like is the other kinds of doughnuts. The doughnuts with chocolate icing are a little thicker and heavier, and there are also some chocolate doughnut options which seem to be a little more popular. I also like some of the other simple items, like the cinnamon twists and the doughnut pretzels. I also like the cinnamon rolls, which are small but they’re turned over and served with nuts and a glaze on top. Really cool stuff.

The cakes are what seems to be the mainstay of the business, and it has a large number of different kinds of cakes it does. They do some of those unusual cakes too,  cakes shaped for various holidays and events, topped with colorful icing and some of the other items. Plenty of reasons to try that.

Evans is a pretty simple place, the kind that seems to make a lot of local happy but doesn’t need a lot of hype or frills, just good pastries. It’s hard to spot the place if you don’t pass it by often, but it’s still worth a visit. Great goodies!


  • My personal favorites are the cinnamon bun, which is overturned and topped with nuts, and the cinnamon twist, which is a pretty simple donut concotion. Lots of other kinds of pastries to try.
  • Evans does a lot of cakes and a lot of creative styles for them.
  • The bakery is open early in the morning and closes at 3 p.m. six days a week.

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