Submarine House

1000 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.
Washington Township, OH 45459
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This Dayton chain is easy to recognize by its vexing “sixteen inches of heaven” jingle you used to hear on the radio all the time. Nowadays you hear it a little less often, but still Submarine House continues to be a successful sub and pizza chain, having half a dozen locations and now expanding into Columbus. Oh, and you know, the sub-eating contest they hold around this time every year, that’s also incredibly popular. The original location is very much a bar concept, but the expansions are all centered on a restaurant experience.

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Some of the foods:

  • The Italian sub: I could have about 16 inches of this thing, easily. It’s a delicious combination, really, ham and salami and a light smattering of veggies, this sub is a meat lover’s paradise. Of course it comes with fries too, if you happen to love good greasy favorites.
  • Gyro: A pretty simple affair. It’s got lamb strips with some tomato, onion and mayo. I’d call it a safe alternative to the now-popular quick dish.
  • Wings: Submarine House’s wings are enormous, they’re served plain with no sauce automatically added, though you can probably ask for some on the side if you’re interested.
  • Jalapeno poppers: These are interesting, and apparently pretty popular, they jalapeno is diced instead of cut into strips. It’s also mixed with a combination of sharp cheese and some cream cheese. Unique to say the least, but still with that slight bite.
  • Pizza: Served on a thin crust Columbus-style with a savory pizza sauce. It’s comparatively light on the cheese, so the pizza is a well-rounded flavor.

The bar-centric location is the Beavercreek location, and that one has the most character. It’s got a lot of beers on tap, a lot of TVs to watch sports, and in general it attracts a lot of people who want to linger. A real guy’s place. But the other locations are much more focused on the takeout section of the business, though they do have seating. The food is pretty good and pretty uniform across all of the locations, but depending on what you’re looking for, convenience or experience, plan your trip accordingly.

Either way, Submarine House makes good, fast, cheap food, and it’s no wonder the little chain has seen enough success in this city to want to expand outward. It’s a convenient, economical restaurant and worth at least one try.


  • The subs are great — obviously the place’s main draw. All of them tend to be heavy on the meat, so keep that in mind.
  • As stated above, the Beavercreek location is a bar concept with a more spacious dining area, while the other spots are much more takeout destinations. So keep that in mind when deciding which one to visit.
  • I’m also a fan of the jalapeno poppers for apps.

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