Triptych Brewing

1703 Woodfield Dr. 
Savoy, IL 61874
websiteTryptich Brewing (Savoy, IL)4 stars

Newly established on the road to Champaign, Illinois, Triptych Brewing is a microbrewery with a mission to make some beers you won’t see in other breweries. There are a ton of spots like this springing up, but few of them offer some of the unusual styles found at Triptych. Take a step into this small tasting room filled with old wooden barrels and modern brewing equipment, it’s a place that lets you bring in food and gives you plenty of ways to try the beers.

Triptych Brewing - MicrobrewsThe brewery has seven or eight kinds of beer avaliabel at a time, with growlers avalible for takeout, and small tastings which you can use to build flights. It’s a pretty cool concept.

  • Hefeweizen: It’s a German Wheat Beer, and this variety has an especially strong taste of vanilla. A lot of the Hefeweizens I have tried lately have a very strong tone of banana (It’s a byproduct of the brewing process, not an actual ingredient put into the beer usually) but this brew in particular doesn’t make that tone overwhelming.
  • Belgian Blonde: A Golden Belgian Ale. This one is a little fruity, not quite as sweet or light as a cider but it’s sort of along those lines, in a great way.
  • Skajaquada: This was my personal favorite, a s0-called “Black IPA” isn’t a porter or stout as it looks like, instead this beer has very much the classic hoppy taste of an india pale ale. Except it’s got a lot of other tones, coffee, something like caramel sugar, and others. The hops are buried in the very unique, medium-bodied experience.
  • Barleywine: An English ale variety, this one has tones of cherry a sweet taste and a slightly bitter taste. It’s got a very light body, and it’s just a little dry.

The store doesn’t offer any food of its own, but takeout from other places is welcome in the tasting room, and I did see some menus from other restaurants which are allowed to deliver here.

Whether you’re a University of Illinois student looking for something new to try, or you’re a local who’s into brewing and like supporting small business, Triptych is a cool new experience, definitely something worth trying. I recommend it.


  • I’m personally a big fan of the Black IPA, the Skajaquada. It’s hard to find that style in many microbreweries in the Midwest, so it’s good to see the rare type executed so well.
  • There is no food served explicitly at the brewery, though they seem to welcome carry-out from other locations, and there are some available delivery menus.
  • I hear the brewery might be looking for more space to expand distribution.

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2 thoughts on “Triptych Brewing

  1. Howdy,

    Thanks for the kind words. One correction, we will absolutely fill any 32oz or 64oz growler as long as it has the government’s alcohol warning on it. It doesn’t have to be a Triptych growler. We do have to mark the growlers with our label tape and seal them but other than that, no problem!


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