Eat Rice

2236 S. Smithville Rd.
Kettering, OH 45420
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When I first saw “Eat Rice” I thought the name was a little strange. Sort of sounds like a command, not the name of a restaurant. Still, this Chinese restaurant is one of several in Kettering that caters to the city’s northern neighborhoods and just into south Dayton. It’s a tiny establishment, like many others like it, focused on delivery and with quick simple Chinese food dishes. I can’t speak for all of the dishes that I tried, but after the first few things I sampled on the menu, I don’t know that I want to.

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The restaurant serves all the  classic Chinese food dishes, but the dishes are sort of unremarkable. I get General Tso’s Chicken because everyone likes it, and of course it’s probably going to be most common thing people order. The chicken is crisp, but a number of pieces in my order were overcooked. Probably sat in the fryer a little longer than they needed too. The sauce was also a little strange, sort of weak and a little runny, like it had been watered down. It’s  the classic General Tso’s, though, in that the sticky sweet sauce and fried chicken are always going to sell.

Similar story for the fried dumplings, which are stuffed with some kind of meat I can’t immediately identify, but they’re mostly crispy with just a little bit of stuffing. They look good but they need more filling. What’s more, the sweet sauce that goes with them is also watered down. I’m not really into it. I will say though, that Eat Rice has a ton of cheap dining options which is hard to beat. People love cheap eats, and not only are there value lunch options, but dishes come in several different sizes, there are family meal packs, and the appetizers are all very inexpensive, so it’s hard to beat the price points. Most of the other spots around town I’ve tried are more expensive than this one, even with takeout.

In all, Eat Rice does in fact fill a space in the network of Chinese restaurants throughout the city, in that it might be more convenient for some neighborhoods than another Chinese food place. But I’m not convinced that it achieves much more than that.


  • Eat Rice has cheap eats! There are lunch specials and dinner entrees are served in different sizes.
  • The fried food is good, but I haven’t tried any sauces I liked here.
  • The appetizers are also some of the most economical in town, so that might be worth a little extra.

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7 thoughts on “Eat Rice

  1. You are trying to beat Food vs Face in Urban Spoon places reviewed. All the money wasted on these places, and meanwhile you could have lived on your own all those years.

  2. You gave every single Chinese restaraunt a 2 star review… Also the fried dumplings don’t come with a sweet sauce, that’s crab rangoon, as shown in the picture. Get your facts about the food right before posting, this is a horrible review. You obviously just don’t like Chinese food in general.

    1. Sorry, but those are, in fact, fried dumplings, and the sauce is in fact sweet. And I have given good reviews to many local Chinese restaurants, China Village, Young Chow, CJ Chan, Choe’s, Tsao’s, and China Cottage to name a few. This restaurant was not on their level.

      1. I am a regular at Eat Rice and have ordered both fried dumplings and crab rangoon and the picture you posted above is definitely the latter.. I feel like this review is not so good because it is a very popular place to eat and i have heard many people talk about the amazing smoothies and the quality of the fruits/vegetables used in the dishes. I would recommend giving it another chance

      2. I never rule out return visits and re-reviews, Kurt. But while I can imagine the place has an audience–most do regardless–I remain focused on the value proposition the restaurant delivers compared to those around it. I’ve found some better and some worse in this part of town.

        Not the least of which, it’s troubling to me that apparently the crab Rangoon and the fried dumplings are indistinguishable from one another at this spot.

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