Blind Bob’s

430 East Fifth St.
Dayton, OH 45402
websiteBlind Bob's (Dayton, OH)
3 stars

One of the bars in the middle of Dayton’s Oregon District, Blind Bob’s is sort of a dive bar concept which tends to be popular with younger people and the Oregon District neighborhood. It’s a nightspot with a kitchen that is open late, but more importantly it’s a music venue. On top of that, Blind Bob’s is a family business run by an actually visually-impaired Bob Mendenhall, who just might be the friendliest person you’ll meet. The bar is easy to like, and the food is a pretty good plus.

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Blind Bob’s menu is mainly bar favorites; lots of finger food and lots of burgers and sandwiches. So, of course, the best place to start is at the most basic item:

  • “Blind Bob Burger:” At $8.50 it’s a monstrous affair, two quarter-pound patties with cheese and all of the basic vegetables. A major plus: this made-in-house burger is simple but perfect. The beef is seasoned very simply with salt and pepper, and it’s cooked to order so you can get the meat the way you like it. The minus, I ordered a medium and it came well. Thin burgers tend to be hard to gauge like that, though. All of the burgers are served with house chips. They’ll offer you a dip, which is an extra 75 cents.
  • Philly cheese steak: The Philly here is especially juicy and served with a great generous portion of giant green peppers and provolone cheese.
  • Crabby patty: A crab cake sandwich which is cooked well done. I don’t like the cheese on this one, I recommend you forego that.
  • Cafe salad: Not the healthiest salad but good nonetheless. Topped with bacon and a house vinaigrette, this one is great with a cup of nice soup.
  • OJ French Toast: Fried french toast in a nice orange juice batter. This one is immensely filling and well worth a taste.
  • BLT Sandwich: is a similar story: It’s just a simple-sounding food, but it’s in the simplicity that it really rocks. It’s no dinky little sandwich, either, this thing is stacked high with extra crispy bacon. Just a little bit of mayo makes it even better. Hey, I never said the food was healthy, but it is definitely good.
  • Pickle Soup: People know and love this soup as a signature dish at Blind Bob’s, it’s served with potatoes and veggies and plenty of pickles, but not too much! Wasn’t expecting to like this one, but actually it works out.

The atmosphere of this spot is good, it’s one of only a few bars in Oregon District that hosts live music shows, and the billet here is pretty full because the spot is plugged well into the local music scene. It’s a very casual place, but the service is still very friendly and about average for wait times. You may have to wait a little longer for one of the fancier burgers or on a night when a band is playing, though.

Blind Bob’s fulfills a definite niche in the Oregon, and there’s a real scene to behold here. Music lover? This might be your new home.


  • The large burger menu is a good place to start when coming here to eat.
  • Blind Bob’s is a prominent spot in the local music scene, so you’re likely to find some good musicians here, and a lot of music lovers populate the bar those nights.
  • Think about trying the BLT sandwich if you don’t want a burger. Not healthy, but definitely delicious.

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