Clubhouse Sports Grille

250 North Main St.
Monroe, Ohio 45050
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Serving the small town of Monroe that straddles the ever-growing Cincinnati region and Dayton to the north, Clubhouse Sports Grille is just off the Interstate 75 corridor and convenient from either town. But this spot seems to be more popular with the locals of Lebanon, Middletown, and other areas in between the cities. While it’s got a large potential audience, the grille seems to serve the patrons of the newly-opened Miami Valley Gaming racino just a few miles away. It’s got a lot of burgers and sandwiches to be tried, and I found a few things I liked.

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There’s a sandwich I’m particularly fond of. The Walter – “because we didn’t know what else to call it” – is a massive stuffed sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, shoestring onions and cole slaw, then topped with a cheese and what’s called “Walter sauce.” It’s immense, first and foremost, but it’s delicious, the chicken is savory and juicy, while the cole slaw adds a little sweetness and creaminess to the thing, the onion adds some salt and a crunch, and the Walter sauce and cheese wrap it all together between the garlic bun. It will fill you up, to be sure.

The sides are good, too. The fries taste fresh-cut, true to their name, and they’re fried for a little longer than your typical restaurant so they’re crispier. The onion rings also taste house-made, with a bit of crunch but not enough to obscure the flavor. The potato chips are good, too, they’re house made and sprinkled with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. Simple to be sure, but made in-house, and thus pretty good.

The bar has a decent atmosphere, in fact it is a sports bar, so most of its appeal is in groups of adults coming to watch the game and drink, but at the same time it’s also in a small town so the family crowds tend to frequent the place too. Add to that the clientele of the nearby racino, as well as the giant flea markets, and you’ll find people of all ages and groups coming to frequent this place. And it’s a good meal for sure. You might not think much of a little place like this one when you drive by it, but it’s definitely got a few things that are worth a visit.


  • I highly recommend the “Walter” sandwich. If you don’t like it, the burgers are a good alternative, too.
  • The restaurant also has a customer rewards program. It’s unusual for a small, single location restaurant, but if you frequent this town or the racino, it might be your place.
  • The outdoor patio is very popular, so come out on a warm night.

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