Archer’s Tavern

9496 Dayton Lebanon Pike
Centerville, OH 45458

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4 stars

The name of this Centerville Tavern hearkens to the early history of the south Dayton town, but Archer’s Tavern is relatively new, having opened in 2010 as the creation of three local guys looking to make a neighborhood watering hole. And they’ve succeeded, I think, in putting together a menu concept that is very simple and familiar to the Midwestern palette, but at the same time every menu item has one little twist that really makes it rock. And for an easy dime, too. A solid spot for some beer and grub in south Dayton.

My favorite thing on the menu has to be the Bratwurst Burger, which Archer’s markets as one of its specialties. This burger is literally made from a sweet bratwurst patty and topped with a slightly spicy mustard and put between a pretzel roll, which is also just a little sweet. The combination of sweet meat, bitter mustard and salty bun makes the whole thing rock, I love it. The veggies add some depth to the flavor, there too, and it’s a small burger but it’s very heavy. I will say that I put pepper jack cheese on the thing and I should not have, it’s definitely better without that, or maybe with a very mild kind.

Some of the other simple menu items resonate well with me, like the fish tacos. These are simple but the tavern seems to be especially proud of them. They’re made with tilapia and what the menu describes as a “baja sauce” which kind of seems like some kind of tartar sauce with a little bit of chipotle powder in it. It’s very slightly spicy and great with a little salsa and some veggies.

The whole Archer’s concept is perfect for the location, it’s just about right on the edge of greater metro Dayton, at the end of the south bus route into town and surrounded by houses on three sides. Far from the highway. This business is the kind that survives by bringing in quality food, not numbers of people, so it’s more of a family friendly concept for a bar and it’s also a place where you can go to be in a place with sports on, but still at a clean, dark concept with rich wood tables and chairs. Service has always been good for me, the food comes out pretty quickly and I’ve never had a problem with something I ordered.


  • Driving south, you can really only get into the restaurant parking lot at the intersection with the traffic light. This sounds like a useless tip, but you will thank me for it.
  • The burgers are good, in particular I recommend the Bratwurst burger.
  • It’s a family friendly bar. Those words are a rare combination.

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