Los Reyes

2290 East Dorothy Ln.
Kettering, OH 45420
Facebook pageLos Reyes (Kettering, OH)3 stars

There are a lot of small, independent Tex-Mex chains around the Dayton area, and Los Reyes is nestles in a strip mall just off Dorothy Lane in Kettering. It’s got a basic layout familiar to so many like it – a little bar in the back serves margaritas as a big dining room has space for groups big and small, and a sizable menu for various favorites in the Tex-Mex repertoire. The food is a good basic iteration of its genre but other than that I struggle to find anything about it worth a return trip.

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The dishes are the prototypical Tex-mex food. You’ve tried them all, you can imagine what they all taste like.

  • Quesadillas: The quesadillas come with a few options, there’s a plain, basic version with a mix of cheeses, a “quesadilla rellena”that is stuffed with chicken and a quesadilla with some form of chipotle quesadilla with that has the titular pepper in some form. It’s about as basic as the quesadilla can be made. Of course it’s good, I found nothing wrong with any of the dishes, but there are no frills about the food here. Unremarkable.
  • Nachos: Absolutely loaded heavy with meat and cheese. Super satisfying to be sure. Filling as they are, I would highly recommend the option of veggies that come with them. Otherwise they are just about exactly the kind of dish that you could make at home. 
  • Chips & salsa: The salsa, by the way is a relatively thin consistency which could use some tidying up. Maybe more veggies.
  • Enchiladas: These enchiladas are stuffed with meat and topped with a ton of stringy cheese. One of the better ways this great dish is served.
  • Agave margarita: All the margaritas here are great, but this is my personal favorite. Almost a honey-like sweeter taste, and it’s delicious. 

The interior of the restaurant is nice, the concept is relatively lively and keeps clean. The service is good, and definitely fast even during rush times. All of that said, Los Reyes will offer a meal that you will enjoy. But there’s nothing more and nothing less to it, there aren’t a lot of creative items on the menu so it’s the kind of place I would suggest draws a crowd for its convenience. There’s always a market for that. But it’s a crowded market for Tex-mex in Dayton, and to me, Los Reyes didn’t fully stand out.


  • The food is good, safe at least, and offers a lot of variety. It comes fast and is served hot.
  • The margaritas are good, or at least popular, and come in a lot of sizes.
  • This is a good place to take large groups.

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