ButterCake Babe’s Coffee Cafe

900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208
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As the resident coffee shop and bakery at the food court in Nashville’s farmer’s market, ButterCake Babe’s Coffee Cafe is a delicately personal operation, adorned with colorful knickknacks and little things to make it feel more homey. The shop offers a small menu of coffee and other mixed drinks, as well as a variety of goods baked from home. Shopping in the always-busy market can be tiring, and especially in the colder months it means a lot to have something to warm up with. You’ll want to know which times to stop by for a drink, but if you’re here at the right time, it can be a good experience.


The menu of coffees is handwritten on a board next to the shop, and on a daily basis it can vary. In the cold months, the options are aimed at warming up; such as a pumpkin spice latte or a hot chocolate. I tried to get both of these…but they weren’t available, because I stopped by the shop around 12:45, which is just before it closes, and the cappuccino machine was turned off. That’s the big takeaway I have; make sure to stop by earlier rather than later, because close to closing your options will be limited. The basic coffee though, was good. It’s herbaceous and can be served with a syrup and some cream to give it a number of flavors. I’m not sure if the beans are roasted in-house, but the spot does boast that its coffee is organic and fair-trade.

The baked goods are also good, and they’re definitely homemade, probably either in the store’s kitchen or in the owner’s own kitchen. They’re just right for coffee though, the cookies I tried aren’t too sweet and aren’t too big, perfect for dipping. There are also brownies and cookie cakes, and a few other things depending on when you stop by.

Staff at ButterCake Babe’s is still friendly and very amicable. Prices are about to be expected for a small business. And the environment of the farmer’s market is already very friendly and local, so it’s at the perfect spot. I like small businesses like this one, and I like how easy it is to just get a drink here on a whim. But make sure you know the hours!


  • The menu – both drinks and baked goods, changes and there doesn’t seem to be a set schedule to it, probably a little whimsical.
  • I’m a fan of the baked goods, especially the cookies, so be sure to give them a try.
  • Avoid coming in too late in the day, some of the drinks aren’t available close to closing time.

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