Drinking Guide: Breweries of Dayton

Dayton Drinking Guide

Dayton’s got a craving for microbreweries.

Craft beer and breweries have been on a strong upswing in Dayton over the past few years, and I’ve been here to watch as they set up shop, one by one. Where do you find craft beer in Dayton, and what do you drink? I’ve made my way to all of the breweries and sampled what they have to offer.

Here’s Another Food Critic‘s directory of brews in Dayton. I’ll come back and update as more breweries open!

Carillon Brewing Co. (Dayton, OH)Carillon Brewing Company (Dayton)

With scenery, workers and a brewing style that hearkens to the 1850s, give Carillon Brewing a try if you like a bit of history to go along with your beers. These styles are a bit unusual, but then again Carillon isn’t your average craft beer shop. Not only is this a spot for drinks, but some delicious German food is in store as well.

  • Good beers: Carillon porter, Carillon coriander ale


Dayton Beer Co. BeersDayton Beer Company (Kettering)

The first microbrewery to open in Dayton, the Dayton Beer Co. has tried a lot of different beer styles, many of which are inspired by different moments in Dayton history. The small tasting room is pretty commonly full, and the parking lot seems to always be filled with a food truck or two when it’s open. Expect to see more from Dayton Beer Co.

  • Good beers: Patterson Pale Ale, St. Anne’s Amber Ale, Old River Stout

IMG_6739Eudora Brewing (Kettering)

Here’s a spot where you can brew your own beer, with brewmasters offering hands-on lessons and recipes to help inspire you. If you prefer thicker beers, this place has a great range of them. I was iffy on the smokiness of some of them, though.

  • Good beers: Sundowner Blonde, Boomerang IPA, Thunderball Stout

Icebreaker IPAFifth Street Brewpub (Dayton)

The co-op Daytonians really love downtown, this spot is very popular with the community. It’s got a pretty simple list of beers to tap, and it’s got a selection of some other great craft brews from around the region and state. Fifth Street goes for a few different styles of beer, and all of them are pretty safe choices.

  • Good beers: 85 Shilling Scottish Ale, Jo Jo’s Midnight Stout, Deluge Pale Ale


Hairless Hare Brewery (Vandalia)IMG_1160

Currently the only brewery north of town, this spot across from the airport is one of several on this list with a distribution of its beers in taps across the Dayton area. Look to this spot for some good darker beers. Also, look to it as one of the few breweries that prepares its own food.

  • Good beers: Golden Hare, Rye Pale Ale, Rabbit Hole Chocolate Stout

Lock 27 1Lock 27 Brewing (Centerville)

Tucked away in a Centerville strip mall, Lock 27 is a good spot for the craft beer fanatic. It’s got some house beers on tap and a lot of other microbrews from around the state. Look to this place for some light cuisine that elevates the flavors a little bit.

  • Good beers: Scarlett Amber Ale; 1492 Red IPA

Lucky Star Brewery - MicrobrewsLucky Star Brewery (Miamisburg)

This Mexican cantina-themed dive has a good eye for interesting flavors of beers, as well as a colorful interior that’s hard to forget. Come here for unexpected flavors like a Mexican-style lager and a sweet IPA with a subtle hop. Stay for the good food, lively interior, and great staff.

  • Good beers: Ojos locos Mexican lager, Critical Mash Sweet IPA, I.P. Yay!



Star City Brewing Co. - MicrobrewsStar City Brewing Company (Miamisburg)

In the old Peerless Mill site, the Star City Brewing Co. is set in a low, tavern-like spot, Star City is a popular destination for the local food truck scene, and it’s also a great reason to visit the otherwise out-on-the-way downtown Miamisburg. Look for great seasonal beers here.

  • Good beers: Hefeweizen, Irish Red, Milk Stout

Toxic Brew Co. - MicrobrewsToxic Brew Company (Dayton)

You’ll find a lot of experimental brews and interesting combinations of flavors at this Oregon District spot. My personal favorite beer in all of Dayton, the Porn or Pawn Pepper Ale, can usually be found here. They also encourage you to bring in food from the variety of food-serving dives to be found around the district.

  • Good beers: Porn or Pawn Pepper Ale, Tonic v 75, Butternut Apple

IMG_1143Warped Wing Brewing Co. (Dayton)

Built out in a former industrial site, Warped Wing was built to produce beer on a large scale. The spacious interior is a friendly place to socialize and the small but growing collection of beers has a lot of flavor to offer. It’s a vibrant boost to downtown Dayton.

  • Good beers: Erma’s Belgian Style Cream Ale, Flyin’ Rye IPA, 10 Ton Oatmeal Stout

IMG_1154Yellow Springs Brewery (Yellow Springs)

Set in the small town northeast of Dayton, this brewery has quickly become a big name for the beers it sells around town. A lot of great, citrus-like flavors and a pretty big range of beers to be tried at Yellow Springs. I suggest making a day trip of it, visiting the tasting room after wandering through Yellow Springs.

  • Good beers: Captain Stardust Saison, Zoetic Citra Pale Ale, Breaking Edge IPA

Keep an eye out! More microbreweries on the way! 

  • Microbreweries in the works: Crafted Pints Brewing Co. (Dayton) and Virtuvian Brewing (Yellow Springs)

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