Star City Brewing Co.

Dayton Drinking Guide319 S. 2nd St.
Miamisburg, OH 45342
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Star City Brewing Co. is one of the new microbreweries which has sprung up recently in Dayton. It’s no secret that microbrews are a craze these days, and the historic Peerless Mill property in downtown Miamisburg has been given new life with small-batch brews, the inspiration of three local beer fanatics. The brews themselves aren’t exotic or strange — instead, they are many of the traditional kinds of beer preparation styles, just done so with a great degree of quality. I like what I taste here, and the staff and company makes it an endearing experience.


For now, Star City remains a beer only establishment – they don’t yet serve food, though you are welcome to have some delivered from the nearby restaurants like TJ Chumps or Ron’s Pizza, other Miamisburg favorites.The beers are simple iterations of different preparation methods and styles. There are only a few on tap at a time, brewed very small batch of a few barrels at a time and served up in flights, pints, and growlers to take home if you’re so inclined. Among those on tap when I tried them:

  • Hefeweizen – A Bavarian beer, and a pretty well-rounded option if you like beer. It’s got a full body and a light sweet taste. Star City brews it with banana and clove, and takes pains to reduce some of the bitterness in the beer.
  • Wild Winter – My personal favorite, and the most hop-forward of the options. The hops don’t take over the flavor though, though there’s a little bit of a bitterness to the flavor.
  • Blonde Ale – this is the lightest of the beers, and a good first try if you don’t like beer.
  • Irish Red – This one is a seasonal beer on their menu that is available through the winter months.
  • Oatmeal Stout – An oatmeal stout isn’t going to taste exactly like oatmeal of course, but this dark beer has a great flavor that adds something reminiscent of it. There’s a definite hint of toasted oats.
  • Milk Stout – The heaviest of the beers, and another of the seasonal varieties for these cold winter months.

The atmosphere is nice; the redecoration of the property was conducted very simply, and it’s got a fresh wood interior and original stone floor, all in all it feels very historic. The main tap room is welcoming with its large bar and tables for socializing, and there are also side rooms where private parties can be hosted. In all, though, it’s a great new place and an opportunity to try some great brews.


  • Go for the seasonals when you get the chance, they don’t have them often.
  • These are good beers to get started trying microbrews. They’re simple and unintimidating.
  • The restaurant doesn’t serve food, but you are welcome to have food delivered.

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