Hairless Hare Brewery

Dayton Drinking Guide738 West National Rd.
Vandalia, OH 45377
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Microbreweries have been springing up like crazy south of Dayton, but they’ve taken hold with much less frequency to the north. In fact, Hairless Hare Brewery in Vandalia totes itself as the only brewery north of town. I’ve covered before how the neighborhoods north of town tend to have loyalty to a lot of disparate dive bars, but for a new kid on the block, Hairless Hare seems to have made a name for itself, popular with brewing fanatics and with a healthy following of regulars already. It’s a real neat place to see, set up just across the street from the airport.


They have a larger variety of beers on tap than your average microbrewery, and also a number of beer types that you can’t currently find in some of the other places. Among the types:

  • Golden Hare: Light is the word on this one, flavor, body, it’s almost floral. Very pleasant.
  • Rye Pale Ale: This ale has a medium body and a dry finish. The aroma on this one is especially striking.
  • Hoppin’ Hare IPA: I like this IPA, the hops are strong, but they also give this one a deep, slightly fruity flavor. Very pleasant.
  • Breakfast Brown Ale: It’s a brown ale, but I didn’t prefer it. It’s got a little bit of a smokiness to it, that obscures the other flavors.
  • Rabbit Hole Chocolate Stout: A strong aroma of chocolate greets you with this beer, with a full body and a clean finish. Very chocolatey.

The atmosphere of the bar is great, it’s very spacious. The bar recently purchased kitchen items including a pizza oven with plans to serve. The spot also has a lot of other things it hosts, ranging from live music on some nights to sports and MMA fights. It’s got some things that sets it apart from the other spots in town, and indeed, Hairless Hare is a much better fit in the restaurant scene to the north. Still, though, it’s a great place to try.


  • The brewery has a list of local spots that serve its drinks, so if you aren’t going to Hairless Hare proper, there are a few other spots for you to try it.
  • The spot is planning to serve food, too, which is atypical of many of the other breweries in town.
  • Like Jenga? It’s sort of random, but Hairless Hare has a giant jenga table.

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