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Another of the microberweries which has taken root in suburban Dayton during the craft beer swing, Eudora isn’t just a place where you go to drink beer. Here, you can make it too.

Like most of the other breweries in town, this one has a tasting room that serves only beer samples and snacks, with a year-round menu of in-house crafts. But it’s also got a neat hands-on twist: You can actually brew beer on site too, with Eudora offering a number of recipes of its own as well as the space to give one of Dayton’s newest passions a first-person try.

The year-round brews are always available, in addition to some snacks. Among them:

  • Sundowner Blonde: The resident blonde ale is very mild, it’s got a simple flavor, the bartender tells me it’s made with just a few caramel malt to give a little bit of depth to the flavor. A good starter beer for the uninitiated.
  • Bees Knees Pale Ale: True to pale ale form, this one is noticably drier. The website says it’s made with honey, but I didn’t detect much of that flavor in it. Still, it has a medium body without too much hop.
  • Boomerang IPA: This one is, per the norm, a hop experience, with a hop-forward taste and hops coming in at the end, a little too. Still, the flavor of the hops is a little muted in just the right way; you’re not just drinking pure bitterness, there’s a flavor behind it.
  • Mother Fuggle Brown Ale: Brown ales are my favorite, and this one isn’t bad, it’s got a little heavier body than the average brown ale, and maybe a little bit of nuttiness to sweeten it. I didn’t get anything resembling chocolate or fudge at all though.
  • Thunderball Stout: What I like about this one is that it’s very heavy but a very detectable hint of coffee flavor to it, so it’s a very rich option.
  • Chocolate Milk Porter: This is a seasonal option. I gave this one a try and loved the heavy flavor and light body combination. Didn’t get chocolate again, though.

Eudora isn’t just the kind of place that you go to drink beer, or a place where die-hard brew lovers congregate to the exclusion of the everyman. It’s a place that you visit to learn about beer, in a very cozy and unassuming setting. It’s a great place to try for brew-newbs and craft experts alike.


  • Like many breweries in town, this one doesn’t make food in house, but it does host food trucks to set up outside and serve to the diners.
  • Also good to try: the brewing lessons. You can actually give brewing a try for yourself, and take home a batch of beer. Looking to get into the hobby? As of now, this is the only microbrewery in Dayton where you can try it.
  • There are some snacks in the bar; didn’t see anyone bringing their own food though.

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6 thoughts on “Eudora Brewing Co.

  1. The beer is called “Mother Fuggle”. Which may be why the reviewer “couldn’t get anything resembling chocolate or fudge” when he sampled it.
    Fuggle, unlike fudge, is a variety of hops. You know what isn’t a variety of hops? Caramel.
    Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of beer, or the brewing process should know that.

    I suggest before the person responsible for this review strikes again. He should take a basic brewing class. Maybe even try a beer or two. Who knows? He might learn something…

    Full disclosure. I have no affiliation with Eudora Brewing Co.. Nor have I sampled any of their beers. Especially the ones containing fudge.

    1. Hi Travis,

      You’re correct in that the blonde isn’t made with caramel hops, it’s made with caramel malt, so I corrected that.

      You’re also right in that the brown ale is called “mother fuggle” but the intent of the beer is to have a chocolate taste, per the brewery, “It’s nutty like a Northern English Brown Ale but it’s also chocolatey and moderately hoppy like an American Brown Ale.”

  2. ‘Looking to get into the hobby? As of now, this is the only place in Dayton where you can try it.’

    Dayton’s homebrewing club DRAFT celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. They hold numerous brew outs and the homebrewing store Miami Valley Brewtensils also hold classes several times a year.

    To wade in and say Eudora is the only place you can get into the hobby in Dayton is ignorant. Do better research. They taught you about research on the journalism course, yes?

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