Warped Wing Brewing Co.

26 Wyandot St.Dayton Drinking Guide
Dayton, OH 45402
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Downtown Dayton has been pining for a microbrewery to call its own since the craft beer craze began, but as with many other businesses, it’s been a bit of a challenge to entice someone to stick with a spot outside the Oregon District. In that context, it’s so appropriate that Warped Wing Brewing Co. opened its doors in a former industrial site, preserving much of the feel even as it set up major equipment with plans to take its crafts regional. The crowds here are a clear testament to the naysayers of Dayton: If you build it, and you rock it, we will come.IMG_1143

So there are only three beers on tap right now. I’ll add more as they become available:

  • Erma’s Belgian Style Cream Ale: The lightest of Warped Wing’s inaugural beers, it’s got a light aroma and a very mild, almost citrus-like quality to it, before a clean finish. My favorite of the varieties I tried.
  • Flyin’ Rye IPA: I’d consider this one a lighter variety of IPA, of course the hops are a presence, but more of a delicate one. It’s got a full body and the hop bite comes as an aftertaste.
  • 10 Ton Oatmeal Stout: A heavy stout with a good oatmeal base, the flavor on this one is pretty easy to like. It’s a heavy beer that doesn’t fill you up.

The atmosphere of Warped Wing is great; very industrial. The interior is spacious, with long tables and a bar that encourage people to socialize, and of course the genuine industrial feel; everything from the exposed brewing apparatus to the door-going-nowhere hanging above the entrance make this place by far the most interesting craft beer environment. In all, a spectacular craft beer house. I’m excited to see where this business goes, it has a lot of potential to really be on the map, and that, of course, is good for Dayton!


  • Parking is sort of odd, the big lot in front of the spot doesn’t seem to be open. I’d recommend the lot on the side, or street parking.
  • Like the others, Warped Wing doesn’t serve food, but encourages you to bring in your own or get some from the nearby spots.
  • It doesn’t look close to anything, but actually you’re really close to the Cannery and Oregon District, and I consider the walk to be fine from either.

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