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Downtown Dayton’s Oregon District has a lot of different options in terms of bars, but only one of them currently makes its own beer. That would be Toxic Brew Co., and its in-house brews are very popular. It opened its doors earlier this year but the popularity of the brewery has meant the place has expanded its hours and offered ever more options on its growing menu of beers, adding more seasonals and refining recipes. This spot specializes in creative brews and building unique flavors you don’t normally find in beer. While there’s no food here (they encourage you to bring in your own) you may find this to be the kind of place you want to hang around regardless.

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  • Porn or Pawn Pepper Pale Ale: One of my favorites, and a very unique beer. It’s made with poblano peppers and has a slight spice to it. If you like hot food, a hot drink like this is refreshing. Fun fact: The brewery initially sold a “spicy” version and a non-spicy version. Now they’ve merged the two into one mild version.
  • Tonic v 75: This one is a stout with a very mild flavor. It’s got a nice deep body with a little bit of a smoky flavor.
  • Abby Blonde: This Belgian blonde has a very mild body. With only 5.2 percent ABV, one of the lighter beers you can try.
  • Abby’s Cure: A Belgian tripel and one of the stronger beers at 9.2 percent ABV. I suggest this one with some food.
  • Butternut Apple: The taste of apple is actually very mild on this brew, which has a medium body.
  • Abby Brunette: A medium-bodied brown ale, caramel overtones and just a bit nutty. A nice, sturdy drink.
  • Margarita: A new cocktail option offered at the brewery, this one is sweet with the agave and lemon, but it’s strong! Look out!
  • Practice Yoga IPA: This IPA is lighter on the hops, which is great. Still, it has a citrusy overtone and a clean hop finish. Very refreshing.

The bar definitely attracts a very beer-centered clientele, in my visits, it tends to be the kind of place where groups of people go to really find a drink to appreciate. As I said people tend to bring in their own food, which is not uncommon, and the brewery sometimes brings in music for entertainment.

In all, I definitely recommend visiting this bar. There’s just so much to see.


  • Toxic Brew Co. is only open Wednesday through Saturdays, so keep that in mind when considering when to visit this spot.
  • They encourage you to bring in food from some of the other local restaurants, and there are a lot of them in the area. There’s even a carry-out menu.
  • Seasonals are a good call, and the pepper beer has to be one of the best.

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