The Cakery

1875 West Main St.
Troy, OH 45374
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One of the many bakeries that set up shop around Dayton, The Cakery serves the northern highway town of Troy, and it fills a niche there, where the community’s other big bakery specializes mostly in bread and more artisan stuff, the Cakery does elegant cakes, cupcakes, and those all-too-irresistible confections. Much of the signature of this bakery can be found on the fancy frosting creations that adorn the top of its many cakes and cupcakes. The Cakery is run by frosting artists, and they’re some of the best local designer cake makers in town.

The cake itself is great. Its most distinguishing feature is how soft and moist it is, whether we’re talking about a cupcake or a full-fledged cake, that basic cake has a lot of staying power. The icing too; it’s a straightforward recipe of icing: just very sweet, and the texture is very soft, in spite of the complicated tricks done with it.

Of course, I just write about the quality of the food. But something is to be said for the decoration, too. The Cakery does a great number of decorative kinds of things, ranging from birthday cakes with sports teams, to fancy wedding cakes, and occasionally the mass of decorated cupcakes. In many cases, the flavor of the cake is pretty simple; vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or red velvet, and the icing likewise. It’s beautiful work, though, all of it that I have seen.

The Cakery: what a cool place. Not just a spot to grab a cupcake, and a place that really does a variety of things with its foods. It’s very nice to see a little local shop like this one successful enough to expand into a second location, and to hold its own as the many little cupcake shops have sprung up in recent years. It’s a good option when you find yourself in need of a good pasty.


  • The Cakery’s most popular food might be its cupcakes, but the business really digs into those complicated cake decorations, too.
  • It’s worth mentioning that it also does confections, like the ever favorite buckeyes, and others.
  • Also, cupcake coupon books are available, pretty cheap, which make a nice gift.

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