La Fiesta Restaurante Mexicano

836 West Main St.
Troy, OH 45373
websiteIMG_44813 stars

The main stretch of  Troy, Ohio, is filled with small local restaurants, but for a taste of tex-mex food in this small west Ohio town, La Fiesta Restaurante Mexicano is the most centrally located and highly visible for travelers heading into town from nearby I-75. With plenty of room for large parties — and large gatherings of people, too — this spot serves a giant menu of favorites in Mexican cuisine, and some of them are the kinds of dishes that you just might not find at other restaurants in town.IMG_2336

An example of that is the chilaquiles mexicanos, one of the lunch specials offered at this spot for only $6.95. Now, chilaquiles, which I don’t often see at Mexican restaurants; it’s a dish consisting of fried tortilla topped with mole, topped with crema and cheese and sometimes meat. Of course, this is an Americanized version made with tex-mex ingredients; chips instead of tortilla, salsa instead of mole, sour cream instead of crema. Which makes it sound a lot like nachos. Well, it is. But the real dish really doesn’t resemble it very much. The effort is valliant, but the end result of this very interesting cultural dish is something that’s kind of pedestrian in this part of the world. It’s all in the ingredients.

The salsa is pretty good, it’s a little thin but full of a lot of flavor, the chips are crisp and very good. I also like the meat; I tried the pork tips on my chilaquiles and they were most and well cooked, fall apart soft. Good food altogether.

The atmosphere is great. The service is great, and the food comes quickly, the spot seems very good at managing large crowds and getting food out of the kitchen rapidly. In all, La Fiesta Restaurante Mexicano is a great little shop serving Troy, and a great opportunity to try some good food. This spot is definitely worth a special visit.


  • There are daily lunch specials, which are significantly cheaper than the same dinner items. Only a little less food for very much a lower price. Definitely worth a visit!
  • There is a huge menu, and a lot of the stuff here you won’t find on the other menus at Tex Mex spots around the Dayton area.
  • Food comes fast, so this place makes for a good quick eatery.

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One thought on “La Fiesta Restaurante Mexicano

  1. Try El Sombrero for the best Mexican food in Troy I think. La Fiesta is more of a bar hop spot on the weekends.

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