Puerto Vallarta

4214 Charleston Rd.
New Albany, IN 47150
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A little tex-mex setup serving the city of New Albany near Louisville, Puerto Vallarta is a little corner shop serving Mexican food to River City’s northern suburbs, with several locations around the city. The interior look is pretty typical of a tex-mex place in the Midwest; looks like a pinata vomited all over the place with a mess of colors and images. The food though, is pretty simple. Made to be cheap and quickly eaten, Puerto Vallarta is exactly the meal you’re picturing in your mind when you think of all discount tex-mex food; no more, no less.

The menu is a mile long, with a ton of house specials and many of the tried-and-true tex mex favorites. Quesadillas and carne asada and a bunch of other kinds of specials, many seared with those oh-so-wonderful Mexican spices. The enchilada is good, I’m especially a fan of the mole sauce they serve on top of it, though it could use some kind of spices or some cheese to accentuate the beef inside. Same goes for the taco, it’s a pretty simple menu item. I tried the chalupa, it’s also a pretty simple item, topped with some cheese and vegetables almost…like something you could make at home. So that’s the thing.

Service is good, the people are all friendly and you don’t go long at your table before someone comes along to offer you a new drink or something else to go with your food. The drink menu is pretty impressive, and of course the restaurant has a lot of space for large groups, so it’s the kind of place you can take a few friends and eat on a dime. But it’s otherwise not worth a special trip.


  • The menu specials are good, but the numbered dishes are full of pretty basic food. I would suggest if you want a simple taco or burrito, you can probably do one better at home. 
  • Big beer menu here to try, as is a pretty big mixed drink menu. Bar is small, though.
  • Salsa is a little bland, though it could be improved with some queso dip.

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