Heine Brothers Coffee

1295 Bairdstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40204
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One of Louisivlle’s favorite locally-grown chains of coffee shops, you can find Heine Brothers Coffee at 14 sites around the city. This shop, sometimes attached to bookstores or little strip malls will brew up organic, fair trade coffees for the coffeehouse lover. Its interior is lined with little knicknacks and close-in tables that keep everyone together. Heine brothers seems to be popular with the younger crowd of Louisville, with lots of couples coming out for a cup and the occasional student coming in for a study space.

The coffee here is pretty good, the shop sells a number of different blends. But rather than being one of those shops that has a ton of different coffee beans roasted from around the world, which can sometimes be confusing and definitely not an engaging variety to the layman, these are based on flavor more than anything else. Try the KFTC Mountain Dream, which tastes of cinnamon, or the Mocha Java, which of course is a delight to chocolate lovers. Not to say the place doesn’t use coffee beans from around the world; it does, but the blends here are a little more descriptive.

Of course there are a bunch of other things to drink at Heine Brothers, I was a fan of the armoatic and slightly herbaceous chai, and you have a few different kinds of tea to sample. You can also take some of those home with you. They have a lot of options for taking the product home with you, whether you get a bag of beans or you buy it wholesale.

In all, the place really has a nice vibe. You don’t get to 14 locations around a city without losing something of the character of a restaurant. But this spot, by attaching to bookstores and strip malls, still has something of a personality. The location I visited was great, packed with little things on the walls, invitations to band gigs and well-used seats. It’s a good time altogether.

In all, this is a nice coffee shop chain and a real pride to Louisville. I’d definitely come back for a coffee, try a few other things on the menu. Louisville is well served by this business.


  • The coffee is sold wholesale or in bags for about $11 each.
  • There are 14 locations, all around Louisville, so there are quite a few places to get this coffee.
  • Space is kind of tight in some of the locations. If this is the kind of place you want to go to spend a lot of time, then you might want to look elsewhere.

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