Bentino’s Pizza of Waynesville

140 South Main St.
Waynesville, OH 45068
websiteIMG_22753 stars

For 15 years, Bentino’s has been a bar and pizza destination in downtown Waynesville, Ohio, where it serves up pies to the communities immediately southeast of Dayton. Apparently unaffiliated with the Bentino’s Pizza shops located in Yellow Springs and Jamestown on the city’s eastern edge, this pizza shop is sort of a local bar concept that has a pizza carry-out option. Now it serves beers and wines, so it’s gone from a take-home-pizza spot to a place people can congregate. All told, Bentino’s is a good safe option for local pizza.

The pizza menu is pretty simple; there’s a meat lover’s pizza, a veggie pizza, a Hawiian option, a white pizza, a Greek option, and a four-cheese pizza. Then, of course, you can build your own from a list of about 15 different ingredients, different vegetables and meats chief among them. So the basic pizza is made with a thick, soft crust with just a little bit of crunch on the outside. The pizza sauce is sweet, definitely attuned to the small-town Ohio tastes. The cheese mixture is pretty standard, lots of mozzarella, but they put a ton of it on the pizza by default, so cheese lovers should find this pie particularly savory.

The environment of Bentino’s is nice, it’s got a friendly staff, very informal, and a bar inside that makes the small pizza place more friendly and welcoming. Plus its located in downtown Waynesville, a spot known for antiques and sauerkraut that attracts lots of foot traffic but doesn’t necessarily have a lot of food options on its main street just now. A fitting restaurant for an independent village in rural Ohio. Bentino’s Pizza makes for an easy take-out experience, and it’s a good, safe pizza joint to try if you happen to be walking through town.


  • While this used to be a spot people would frequent for take out pizza, it’s now got a bar that serves beer and wine, so you have a few more reasons to hang around. With a downtown Waynesville location, it might be easy to come visit the spot during one of the many downtown events during the year.
  • Bentino’s also has a number of specials online, which you might want to mention should you be ordering food from here. Most of them concern large orders of pizza and discount prices for extras. Check the website.
  • If you don’t like pizza, there’s also a huge menu of calzones and hoagies.

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