317 Public Square SW 
Troy, OH 45373
4 stars

More than a simple restaurant serving downtown Troy, Ohio, Bakehouse is the spot where the scent of fresh-baked pastries is always wafting about, threatening the nearby buildings with delicious, sweet aromas and always a crowd of people in for a cup of coffee and some baked goods. Take a step into the place and you’ll find that half of it is a retail destination with tables and displays, and the other half is a fully-functional family, baking bread, rolls, sweets, and even lunch favorites like sandwiches and breakfast foods and other goods. Bakehouse doubles both as a spot to get locally-baked bread and as a place to get a good light meal. The brainchild of local baker Margaret Begg, this spot is a great Troy destination.

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The baked goods are fantastic, you’ll know because you will be able to smell them baking from down the street. The dough is light and sweet, and fresh out of the oven it’s got just a little bit of moistness to it. Of course bread and some baked goodies like cinnamon rolls are on the menu, and the restaurant works some of these into breakfast and lunch meals. Black forest ham, Italian sandwiches, and the like. Of course, soups and salads are also on the menu, making this something of a bistro or a cafe. But it closes at 5, so plan to go for breakfast or lunch.

Importantly, they have a large number of breads that they bake on a daily basis, and you need to check online for what that is. At different frequencies, too. The Raisin-Walnut bread is made three days in a week, but the Cinnamon bread is just one. If you take the bread products home I suggest you plan to eat them quickly, the goodies dry up before too long. But it is absolutely worth it.

The atmosphere of the place is great. As I said, the functional bakery is right next to the dining area, which is outstanding, because you really get to see the product being made while you eat. The people are extremely friendly, they say runners are the passionate type, but what about bakers? I love these folks! Troy has a lot of small town charm, and a place like Bakehouse epitomizes that charm. It’s a real taste of Troy, and definitely something I recommend.


  • The Bakehouse sells a lot of different breads as its primary product. In the restaurant you can order made-to-order sandwiches or you can take a loaf of bread home. Remember, though, that there is an online schedule of which breads are baked each day. Some days are different.
  • I also suggest some of the baked goodies, some pastries and rolls and other things that can’t be ignored.
  • Breakfast is 7 to 11 a.m. and lunch 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Keep in mind the schedules.

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