Scrambler Marie’s

9600 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, OH 45342
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A small chain of breakfast places with locations all over Ohio, Scrambler Marie’s has a lot of different kinds of food, the centerpiece of the menu here is the breakfast food. Bringing people in in volume, Scrambler Marie’s is a safe experience for a decent breakfast, the food comes fast and the experience is pleasant enough. Also, they serve a ton of food here without a ton of money, which also goes a long way. Many good items to be had.

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The breakfast food is really what is the best. Sandwiches and burgers are on the menu, but the omelettes and hashes are what bring up the menu. Let’s go through a few of the basics.

  • Pancakes: The pancakes are outstanding, they’re a little on the heavy side and topped with plenty of butter for good measure. Get a stack of them if you can, and make sure you get lots of syrup.
  • Hash browns: The hash browns, I have to say, are some of my favorites among the diners around Ohio. Just a little bit crispy on the outside, just a little bit soft, they’re the kind of thing that is perfect with some ketchup or some hot sauce. Or they’re great alone.
  • Sausage: The sausage is another story, I’m sorry to say. There could be some kind of preparation, or some custom seasoning, or something to make it seem like they aren’t just out of a frozen bag. But I couldn’t really find that here.
  • Scrambled eggs: I also couldn’t really enjoy the eggs, they were a little dry. Maybe they ought to be cooked with some cheese, or some seasoning. Maybe they need a little milk or something to make them fluffier. The texture is fine but they could use something else.
  • Crab Cake Benny: Eggs Benedict with a cake of blue crab inside. A nice combo of two unexpected dishes and a brisk start to the morning.

The environment of Scrambler Marie’s is pleasant, to be sure. It’s clean, it fits a lot of people into a small space without making them feel crowded, and it also affords a large number of people to come and go and have a meal pretty quickly. The wait isn’t long or anything. The service at rush times, though, is off and on. The people are friendly, don’t get me wrong, but they serve you the food and you sometimes don’t see them again until it’s time for the check. No refills, no asking if you need anything. I get busy, but it’s a real shame. What may be needed is an extra staff member or two, or maybe the sections divided in a different way. One way or another, that’s the experience I’ve had. All in all though, I would still call Scrambler Marie’s a pleasant experience, and a safe place for brunch.


  • The breakfast foods dominate the menu. An omelette or a hash is definitely preferable.
  • During busy times, the wait isn’t bad at all, people cycle through pretty quickly and the food comes fast. Service can fall off a little, though.
  • Avoid the sausage, a little generic. But go after those hash browns.

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