Dominic’s Italian Restaurant

221 South Jefferson St.
Medina, OH 44256

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3 stars

Just south of Cleveland, in the quaint town of Medina, is Dominic’s Italian Restaurant. This pizzeria, bar and Italian food destination offers a pretty wide variety of foods to try, both for carry-out and delivery to the nearby streets. Everything from pizza and wings to pasta, and even fried chicken. For a relatively economical price, you can get a ton of food; enough to feed a family, actually, and so that’s the biggest draw.

The meals offer huge portions of food for decent prices. Take the fried fish dinner; it’s up to eight pollock fillets fried in a light batter and served alongside big sides and rolls. I also like the fried chicken, almost all kinds of chicken, battered in a salty mix and fried until extra, extra crispy. It’s got the feel of a homemade recipe, very simple, but very good food. The chicken inside is still very moist so the cook job on the food is fantastic.

The sides are good too, namely with the fried potato wedges, which have just a small amount of crunch on them and it makes them a little crispy but very filling. The fries are also good, they’re a little greasy, you should know, which is a problem if you take it to-go, or have it delivered. Unfortunate. The cole slaw is decent, though, it’s the classic sweet stuff that comes in a vinegar-mayo thick and chopped veggies. Great stuff.

Medina is a small town on the precipice of a major city, and it’s neat to see such a friendly little place so close to the city. Dominic’s fits very well into that atmosphere, just a little bit of the culture of Cleveland but with a small town charm. It’s the kind of place the locals jump into really well, the kind of place people visit regularly and that is supported by a pleasant community. In all, it’s the kind of place locals will definitely direct you to if you spend a lot of time in this small Ohio town. Make it a stop if you’re in the neighborhood.


  • Some of the food can be delivered. In fact, there’s a unique family-sized dinner menu with a bunch of different options. Dominic’s totes itself as an Italian place, but much of the menu consists of a variety of bar foods and American cuisine. 
  • Myself, I like the chicken. Not Italian, but it’s crunchy and fantastic.
  • Also, if you order takeout or delivery, avoid the fries.

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