Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

24581 Lorain Rd. 
North Olmstead, OH 44070
4 stars

Iconic Fat Head’s Brewery in Cleveland’s west site is the kind of bar you never forget. Its expansive, oversized interior gives way to some big food and, more importantly, big brews. With several dozen of its own creations on tap and partnerships with several other breweries that has allowed it to expand from south Pittsburgh to Cleveland and Portland, this is the kind of brewery you go to for a who new kind of drinking experience. Grab a massive burger, some huge wings or a pizza, but make sure you leave plenty of room. Lots. Of. Good. Beer.

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Fat Head’s has a large menu that doesn’t disappoint. Bar food all of it, but many of the items go great with one or two of the beers. I didn’t spot a beer pairing menu but I suggest looking for some flavors that go well together. The beauty in the food here is you have probably tried all of it before, but some parts

  • Oh My Cod! Fish and Chips: White cod beer battered and served with a side of french fries and cole slaw. The Fish is moist and delicious. The cole slaw was savory, with a few extra ingredients from the normal kind. I was a fan of the crispy fish, but I found the fries, which are hand-cut, to be a little on the dry side. 
  • Uncle Teddy’s Big Strappin’ BBQ Burger: A half-pound testament to the goodness of barbecue sauce, topped with bacon, pickles, horseradish and onion rings. This one I think bit off a little more than it could chew. The burger comes with about six pickles on it which eliminated the rest of the flavors, especially the bacon. I’d suggest taking pickles out and inserting more bacon if you can.
  • Brisket Sandwich: Chopped and topped with a wonderful onion strings and an over-easy egg. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in one sandwich. Perfection.
  • Pretzel Stix: Perfect. Moist and with a very little salt. Served with a maddeningly creative spicy horseradish.
  • Philly Cheese Steak: Loaded with peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce, this is less of a Philly and more of a mountain of a steak sandwich. Over-the-top, like all the food here.

Also, don’t forget the beers. A few dozen on the menu at a time. Here are some of the best:

  • Battle Axe Baltic Porter: Very smooth drink, with hints of fruit and a full body. This one doesn’t taste dark, but it is heavy.
  • Holly Jolly Christmas Ale: A hint of honey in this one, which really makes it good. Otherwise the ginger and cinnamon spice are the overwhelming flavors.
  • Bumble Berry Honey Blueberry Ale: This one is a very light drink, served with blueberries inside. I suggest it as a first beer to warm up the palette. The 5.3 percent ABV is a nice place to begin a night.
  • Bushwacker Brown Ale: One of my favorites, this one also doesn’t taste as heavy as it is, with a very slight hopiness to it. Good to pair with a burger.
  • Bonehead Red: A hoppy imperial red IPA. If it sounds like a lot, you’re right, but the flavors are complex. Smooth on the front, with a nice malty flavor and a hint of hops at the finish.
  • Raspberry Sour Punch: A relatively mild brew, sour like a gose, and sweeter, almost like a lemonade, but 5%. Smooth!
  • Starlight Lager: Crackery maltiness is the word on this brew, which is light in body but has a crisp body. Mellow for warm months.

All told, Fat Head has got the word on good beer. It’s a definite must to grab a drink at this Cleveland experience.
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2 thoughts on “Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

  1. Actually, fat heads started in Pittsburgh. North Olmsted was the second location, that was finally agreed upon by the founder as part of a deal to enter distribution. They then proceeded to develop a production facility in Middleburg Heights with a system purchased from Troeg’s, and it now has a taproom open for business in the afternoon. Portland is next.

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