Deluca’s Restaurant

100 Robinson Centre Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
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A much-beloved staple of the Pittsburgh dining scene, Deluca’s Restaurant prides itself simply as “the best breakfast in town.” You’ve probably seen this place on television, its popular Strip District location regularly sees a line out the door serving up fantastic breakfast foods like pancakes with sweet cream, eggs, spicy sausage and coffee. They recently opened a new location in Robinson Township, as well, to serve the city’s west suburbs. There is always, always a line out the door and for good reason; Deluca’s blows away the competition with its creativity and its simply delightful cuisine.

IMG_0231The breakfast foods on the menu are varied as they are delicious; eggs Benedict, burritos, hotcakes with cream and sugar, topped with fruit to make them “sinfully sweet,” as one of my favorite food critics once called them.

There is definitely one best item on the menu, and that item is the “Mixed grill,” truly a masterpiece and signature of the Deluca’s style. It doesn’t sound special; it’s grilled vegetables and potatoes topped with sausage and eggs. But the veggies are seared perfectly. A delicately-chopped meringue of white onions, green peppers,  potatoes and tomatoes, seared lightly to brown and with just a little bit of oil to make them caramelize together into a delightful mix. You get the sausage sweet or spicy; one gives the mixture a rich and savory kick while the other adds just a little warm heat to supplement. Then of course, the eggs, over easy, top the whole thing off. One bite is all it takes to discover a new favorite breakfast food.

The atmosphere of Deluca’s is hard to take into consideration without the throngs of Steel City fanatics. If you visit the original site on the strip, you’ll always wait in a line out the door. The newer location also has a lead time, but it’s a little more organized. Odd to see, though, because it’s a downtown crowd for a suburban restaurant. Keep in mind the place is always crowded, and while you should never feel rushed by the staff, the crowd will be on your mind. Fortunately, the food comes quickly, and most of the staff seem very prepared for managing to work people through quickly.

Deluca’s is on the short list for the best of Pittsburgh dining. Whether you’re reeling from a night on the South Side, or you’re looking for a different take on a long-time favorite breakfast food, Deluca’s is the kind of place where you find an instant love.


  • Deluca’s is a very popular destination, in fact the place has a ton of fans, so you should expect to stand in a line or wait for your food.
  • Try the mixed grill, it’s the breakfast food that you never knew you wanted. If you want something sweet, then grab the pancakes with fruit and cream.
  • Also, the coffee is really good so go for that.

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