Columbus Brewing Company

535 Short Street
Columbus, OH 43215

One of the first local breweries to sprout up at the beginning of the micro brew boom, Columbus Brewing Co. is one of the first locally-owned brewing companies to spring up in the Columbus, Ohio area. Aggressively marketing itself across the state, you’ll be able to recognize this place with its distinctive green-labeled beers that are sold in packs across the state, produced out of a brew house in downtown Columbus. Columbus Brewing Co. is something I first tried in the city, and I’ve been pleased to see them selling more and more of their specialties around the state.

The brewing company offers a small menu of year-round specials, many of which it bottles, as well as a wide variety of seasonals. They always seem to be striving for something new and interesting, and isn’t that the whole point of microbrewing? Among the good brews:

  • “Award Winning” Summer Teeth: This one’s got a bite! Very hoppy. But it’s got a rich flavor, and I’m very much a fan. It’s a seasonal, and I’m afraid I haven’t seen it around since 2012. Maybe they will have more of this brew in the future.
  • Scottish Ale: I found this one a nice, light-bodied ale. Worth a try, though it’s a seasonal.
  • India Pale Ale: The IPA is one of the best on the menu. I’m not a fan of a lot of IPAs, many of them take the hops overboard, on trend. But this IPA has about a middle-level hop content. I’m a fan myself.
  • Barrel Aged Uncle Rusty: This one was my first experience with the “whisky beer” concept. It’s got a warm aroma and a very smokey aftertaste.
  • Pale Ale: This is probably the first and best to try, it’s got the distinctive copper color atypical of pale ales, but what impresses me most about this offering is its very light aroma, a little bit like orange. Medium-bodied, not too hoppy, and frequently bottled so it’s the kind you’re most likely to take home.

I should also note, there’s a sizable menu of soups, salads, pizzas and sandwiches, though I haven’t had the chance to try them.


  • If you spot a seasonal you really like, plan to stock up. They seem to frequently try new brews, and often you won’t find them again next year.
  • The brew house in Columbus has a food menu if you’re into that.
  • Also, the place bottles a lot of beer, including its popular pale ale and IPA, and they can be found around Ohio. If you have the chance, try them first.

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