The Trolley Stop

530 E. Fifth St.
Dayton, OH 45402
websiteThe Trolley Stop3 stars

One of the bookends of Dayton’s hippest sector, the Oregon District, The Trolley Stop is not a city-wide destination as many of its sister businesses, instead content to be more of a local dive for the residents of the nearby streets. It’s got a large outside porch, a spot so isolated from the bustle of the nearby downtown that it might as well be a garden on an island at the end of the world. Inside is a spacious dive bar, a friendly staff, and the kind of place it’s almost better to experience on a Tuesday evening when the Friday night rush isn’t complicating things.

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So the menu is a general mix of a few different kinds of cuisines.

  • Steal soft tacos: I’m a big fan of the steak soft tacos, they’re served with darkly seared meat which is juicy and tender, alongside some cheese, lettuce, a cheese mix and some pico de gallo. The tortillas are grilled to have a little bit of a crisp to them, though the veggies and sides are all put in cold. There’s a side of chips and salsa, I am a big fan of the chips but the salsa tastes store-bought.
  • Steak Philly: I also liked the Steak Philly Sandwich, which has grilled steak topped with a ton of veggies, scallions and green peppers and mushrooms alongside some provolone cheese. Personally I tried it with a pretzel bun. It comes with some local potato chips from Mike Sell’s and a very interesting spicy mayo-type sauce with some veggies in it. 
  • Burger: The great juicy burger is topped with the veggies and a thick mayo on the side. Classic pub grub.
  • Chili: Thick chili heavy with meat and beans, topped with cheese and diced onions. Can be spicy if you like it. Good for cold days!

I should also note the beer selection of Trolley Stop is great; it’s a very well rounded watering hole, with plenty of microbrews but not a bunch of obscure ones, each option is a different kind of brew, and sometimes the staff will suggest a certain drinks with certain food items. It’s probably easiest with the burgers and other things.

Overall though, the cuisine is relatively speaking light; not heavy food like its pub neighbors, not greasy food like its dive neighbors. A well rounded spot. I like the diversity of the places to eat in Oregon district, each one seems to have a distinctive personality. This spot is no exception, and while it might not be a super-hyped talk-of-the-town spot, it’s also somewhere you can really have fun and enjoy yourself. What more can you ask for?


  • This is very much a local dive tailored to the folks in the surrounding streets, unlike many of the other stops up the street that attract a lot of people from all over the city.
  • I’m a big fan of the back porch and stoop area, which has plenty of space and is very isolated from the crowded Oregon District lights and noise.
  • Go for the chips and dips if you’re hungry but don’t want to commit to something right away, these come out fast and don’t fill you up.

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