Ulbrich’s Home Town Bakery

3020 Far Hills Ave.
Kettering, OH 45429
locationIMG_01493 stars

A small chain of bakery shops around Dayton, Ulbrich’s Home Town Bakery seems to be a community concept, no online presence and no larger branding to speak of, they seem to be content to be a place you have to wander into to really try. Still, the shops have a very simple charm; little adorned and with naught but a sign out front advertising fresh pastries. Yet the flavors of the donuts defy the simple brand. You take a bite of one of these, and you’ll have an easy time classing it as just a different kind of donut. IMG_0152The donuts are great, basically all of the diamond-shaped pastries seem to be produced off of the same basic concept, and then toppings or frosting are added later. The real secret to the donuts is that somehow, they are thicker. It’s impossible to describe exactly how, but it feels like the dough is just heavier. They don’t collapse into little balls of sticky dough after the first bite. That said, they still have that light texture, not filling, that makes them so good. Like many donuts around town, these are a straightforward sweet flavor; maybe a little cinnamon in them, but otherwise the flavor is pretty basic. Then they take that and they add great alternatives, like the peanut butter icing (with peanut butter cup!) which really does add a new dimension to the flavor.

They have a few other kinds of pastries too, cinnamon twists and fritters and the like. So there are a few kinds of baked goods to try. There is, of course, coffee to go with the donuts, but it’s a pretty basic chain. If you have coffee of your own that you like better then I would say to go for that.

The shops are open for breakfast, and the concept inside is pretty simple. A few tables, some plain white walls. There is space to stick around and eat, but they seem to be built for the convenience of picking up breakfast or getting some pastries for a group. Nice to say, though,the shops are located in places that make it easy to walk there, or to walk someplace else afterward. In all, it’s a nice spot for some goodies. Give it a try.


  • They sell donuts by the dozen which is probably the most popular way to get them.
  • There are some other good baked items, too, like cakes and even bagels.
  • Try the peanut butter cup donut, it’s fantastic.

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