C’s Pizza

5186 Brandt Pike
Huber Heights, OH 45424
Facebook page IMG_01793 stars

A local pizza place serving the Huber Heights area, C’s Pizza is a pretty simple and well rounded concept. It’s got a big party room and dining area for families, and a bar on the side to cater to grown-up groups. C’s Pizza seems content to fly under the radar, a place where locals go to relax and bring their families, and a place you’d drive past and never notice…until one day when you were hungry. Fast Italian and bar food is on the menu, and what you get is dressed-down but tasty food with a warm atmosphere.


The menu is essentially the fast and easy Italian dishes built for a bar; there are a ton of subs and pizza on the menu, and then there is a long list of appetizers like breadsticks, cheese sticks, fried mushrooms and jalapeno poppers. Then of course, there are C’s wings. The subs are fantastic, they’re about 6 inches, but they’re absolutely packed with the goods. I tried the Italian sub, which is compact but nonetheless filled to the brim with ham, capicolla, salami, marinara sauce, onions and banana peppers. Just a little bit spicy, but with a ton of flavor. It’s fantastic.

I was also a big fan of the apps. The breadsticks with cheese are great. The actual breadsticks look more or less like they came from a box, but they’re topped with an absolute ton of cheese and served with a great marinara sauce. The sauce itself is great, it’s a chunky, fruity and sweet combo, kind of leaves me wondering how it would taste on pasta, though no pasta dishes are served at C’s. Then of course, the wings and pizza demand a try, to go along with the sports bar concept.

The atmosphere of C’s is very friendly. It looks like much of the crew who make the place up is local high school kids, and the ample dining space seems to be frequented by groups, sports teams, and other gatherings of friendly people. Then of course they are serious about the events in-house, from a regular trivia night to things like a Christmas Party, it’s the kind of place that would be a well-kept local secret, popular in north Dayton, which is a real shame to those in the south who are missing out. And that’s a real shame. If you have an opportunity to give this place a try, go for it!


  • There’s a large party room, which I bet is popular for birthday parties and local sports teams.
  • There’s also a bar which seems to attract folks, not large but there are a couple of good drinks and wines to be tried.
  • The subs are very filling, and I suggest them. I didn’t get to try the wings, though.

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