Courtland’s Mobile Grill

Food Truck
Dayton, OH 43402
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A new food truck generally found around the Dayton area, Courtland’s Mobile Grill shows up around Courthouse Square downtown occasionally, and can also be found around the monthly food truck rallies. They don’t seem to have an online presence like many of the other trucks do, which means it’s hard to find when and where they’ll be posted up. The truck looks pretty plain, no flashy colors, and no larger-than-life web advertising campaign to draw in interested parties like the other trucks in town. Instead, this one seems to be a part-time operation, only to be found now and then, with a fryer to cook up some comfort food.

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Courtland’s has a pretty short menu, in general, you’ll find most of what you’ll taste here is fried chicken, fish dishes, and barbecue. The wings are the best thing on the menu; they’re rolled in pepper and just a little bit of pepper spice, and then fried to perfection. Just a little bit spicy, but still very crunchy. That and it’s fried up fresh right in front of you. The wait is a little longer than the other trucks, I’d say you wait 5 to 10 minutes for your food at lunch. But it’s overall pretty tasty.

There are a few varieties of fish, among them grilled tilapia and fried haddock, which I tried. They bread the fish in a cornmeal mix with some very peppery spices. It’s also great, because a delicate fish like that is hard to cook quickly. But the outcome is great. The fries are good. They aren’t cut in house, I suspect, but still, they go pretty well with the other fried foods, so that’s good.

The truck is hard to find. As I mentioned before, they have no web presence and it’s very hard to find a schedule or know where they will be other than at court house square from time to time. The place also cooks to order so the wait might be a little longer that some of the other food trucks, but that really isn’t that much of a problem. You really can’t beat the convenience of a food truck one way or another.

The purveyor of cuisine like this values substance over form, and the result is a simple and good place to grab a little lunch. Give it a try.


  • Courtland’s sometimes appears at food truck rallies. Other than that, the only place I’ve ever seen it is court house square.
  • The barbecue seems to be the most popular item on the menu. The reason I say that is because every time I come here to try the barbecue, they’ve already run out of ribs.
  • Also, try the chicken if you can.

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