Agnes All-Natural Grill

6 North Main St.
Dayton, OH 45402

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Recently relocated to the heart of downtown Dayton, Agnes All-Natural Grill is an economical way to eat healthy. Just across the street from Courthouse Square, it’s initially hard to spot in the basement of the PNC Bank building, but the bright signs advertising jerk chicken, burgers and wings will draw you in quickly. Inside you’ll find a sleek eatery and a friendly staff. Jerk chicken, burgers, and other dishes are on the menu, and it’s the kind of flavor you can’t find in any other restaurant downtown.

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Some of the great dishes:

  • Coco Bread Sandwiches: The sandwiches come with a few different kinds of meat and veggies. Ratio of meat to bread is a little low, but otherwise the sandwiches are pretty good. 
  • Burger: Really excellent food. The burgers have a strong Caribbean jerk spice on them that really makes them good. The 1/4th pound burger can also be a few different kinds of meat, I’ve tried beef and lamb burgers, and the spices really knock it out of the park with both kinds of meat. Great burgers, and not overly filling. They’re also served with fries that are hand cut and heavy on pepper.
  • Chicken wings: These are the best. We aren’t just talking about little wings, but whole wing tips. And once again, spiced with the perfect seasoning, just a little bit hot, but all the way perfect, dry-rubbed onto the wings. I would buy that spice if they sold it somewhere, it just seems to go so well on everything.
  • Brown sugar lemonade cake: Really, a fantastic desert. It sort of reminds me of a home-made sheet cake, heavy on the lemon and very sweet. A nice denouement to the spicy, savory goodness of the spices in the meals.

The folks who work here are great, always nice and the meal comes pretty quickly. The big thing to know about the place is that it’s open for lunch and dinner, unlike most of the other restaurants in the immediate vicinity. It’s also got a set of daily specials, which you should find on Facebook, which are outstanding. A ton of food, sometimes for as little as $5, which is really hard to beat, especially when we’re talking about the level of quality you get here. All told, my regret is that I didn’t notice the place sooner. Everything is just too good to pass up.


  • Downtown for dinner? This spot is open until about 6 if you want an early meal.
  • There are fantastic daily specials for the burgers, sandwiches, and jerk chicken that you should really look at for your first sample of the place, if you’re feeling cautious.
  • Really, nowhere else in downtown does jerk chicken like this, so it’s a unique taste.

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